Saturday, July 2, 2011


Dreams so crazy that when I wasn't awake I was buying chickens/making a movie/flying off course/I don't even know what. But hell, it wasn't nearly as bad as the dream I had yesterday afternoon when I slept so hard I couldn't get myself out of a nightmare, even though I ran around like a crazy person in the dream saying, "It's only a dream, this can't be real," but kept thinking, "What if it is real?"
And I couldn't wake up.

But going out was nice last night and we saw people we hadn't seen in ages and I met a girl who started her escape from the Southern Baptist upbringing she'd had, right here in this house in high school and she told me about waking up in the very early morning and coming downstairs and going out into the yard to see that same light I talked about yesterday and her religious beliefs were scattered and reorganized by it, it was that strong.
It's a crazy world, y'all.
She's doing good now and I told her to come out and spend the night some time. It would be an honor.

Well, that's about it. I have a lot to do today and better get to it. Starting with making Mr. Moon an egg sandwich with cheese and tomatoes on toast. He loves that. Who wouldn't?

I hope you all have a good Saturday. Wish I could share my corn with you. Ms. Fleur- I gotta get you some corn.

Love....Ms. Moon


  1. what an enviable life you live.

  2. I'm so intrigued by your dreaming -- you need to learn to do some of that lucid dreaming that Tibetan monks speak of --

  3. So my day begins with coffee and reading Mary's blog. Thank you for the start!

    I think I need a going out place...we haven't done that in awhile....hint hint to my Love.

    Why does your food always sound better than mine?

  4. I've been dreaming crazy stuff as well. I think it's because Babes has been away. He'll be back tonight so maybe I won't be exhausted waking up tomorrow morning.

    And I had an excellent Saturday, thank you. I hope you did, too.

  5. Crazy dreams here as well...early this morning. I weas a lawyer--how crazy is THAT ???


    Today, July 2nd, is my darling baby boy's 40th birthday. I called him this morning and said--happy "day you were ripped from loins" day!!!!

    As you have one coming son...HB to you, too.

  6. adrienne- And don't I know it? Oh yes I do.

    Elizabeth- I wish. I wish I could have gotten myself out of that dream yesterday but every time I tried, I was just in a different version of it and it was just as bad as the last.
    When I finally woke up, I still wasn't sure I wasn't dreaming. And who knows? Maybe I am.

    Ellen- Oh. So nice to think of you starting your day here. SO nice. Thank-you. And yes, you need to go out. It's very sweet to go out with your sweetie. As to the food? Lord. I don't know. I sure do like food, though.

    Mwa- It is turning out quite well, thank-you. I hope you get GOOD rest tonight with no dreams or only very sweet ones.

    Akannie- I've been a lawyer in my dreams, too! I have no idea what that means and don't want to! Happy birthday to your boy!

  7. Exactly. Who wouldn't love that sandwich?

    It's a crazy world but I'm glad you're in it. Have a great Sunday. I love you xx

  8. yes I agree with Elizabeth, you are a wonderful dreamer. I love little story about the woman and the light and how it helped her. Wonderful. Egg and cheese and tomato sandwich made by you, yep, can't beat that.
    Happy weekend to you.
    Do you think you're going to have the round green apple cucumbers? Mine aren't doing anything at all.

  9. Christina- It's sort of like the perfect breakfast in a hurry. I swear, I can make that sandwich faster than Mr. Moon can make his bowl of cereal the way he likes it. It IS a crazy world and I am SO glad you're in it and that we've met.

    Bethany- Hell, it's all chemicals, you know. Our poor old brains.
    It's so nice to have the eggs and tomatoes to make such good sandwiches.
    I am SO worried about my cucumbers! They were looking so beautiful and now, all of a sudden, they seem to have developed the wilt. Shit! It's just not been a good year for the cucumbers. But the gourd vines are still looking good and have so many blossoms although I haven't seen any baby gourds yet. I keep checking every day. And the zinnias are blooming! Beautiful. Thank-you, darling girl.

  10. I don't like those weird dreams. I call them pizza dreams. Corn is really doing well here.

  11. Syd- Pizza dreams? Ah lah. 'Splain to me baby.


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