Monday, July 25, 2011

Reporting In

Good morning! I know I just posted but that was from last night.
I got up today at the Crack of Nine, Lis already gone off to school. The Kava Bar's internet seems to be vaguely working for me and I feel guilty as hell about stealing their juice but I'll go back for happy hour this afternoon and drink another bowl of Kava. Jeez. I hope that stuff isn't addictive. Frankly, I'd go in there just for the ambiance. It's a beautiful little place and you feel calmer and more serene just walking in the door. The Kava buzz is just a plus. I really enjoyed talking to the beautiful lady who was working there, too.

It's funny but when you're traveling, you can sort of be whoever you want or let whoever it is inside of you who wants to come out emerge from her hiding place. It's sort of liberating, in a way. A good way. Oh, the "real" me is still very much in attendance. Believe me.
Hank and I went to the grocery store yesterday and I got stressed out for no apparent reason but I had a good time, too. We looked at all the groovy international foods and spent an inordinately long time trying to figure out what we needed versus what we wanted and so forth but we had fun. And they have a Starbucks right there in the grocery store and that's where I got my pre-Kava coffee to add to my jitters to test out the Kava affect.
Although really? I just wanted some coffee.

Yesterday we all met up at the Civic Center downtown where a huge arts and craft show was going on and where Vergil's mama and sister were playing a set of music. It was so much fun! The other two people in the band are Vergil's mother's best friend and HER daughter and it's heartwarming to see a family so close and loving and talented making music together. I bought the CD, as you can see above. The Virgin of Guadalupe incense came from the grocery store. Those are my two big purchases so far. I would have loved to buy something at the show but everything was high-pricey and deservedly so, so I just came away with images in my head of beautiful textiles and pottery and glasswork and some very fine leather bags. It was hard to walk away from the leather bags.

Asheville is just a damn happening town. Music venues, shopping, cafes, restaurants, bars, bookstores, you name it, it's here. All local. Hardly any chain stuff downtown. Lovely parks, people out listening to music, eating, shopping, walking, biking, polite, trim, good-looking, young folks, old folks, children.
Yesterday as I was leaving the Kava Bar I saw four adults and two children walk by and I heard one of the guys talking on the phone. He was saying this: "Man, we've been bar-hopping with a four-year old and a one-year old and it's been a blast!"
Then..."No! Really! It has been!"

So here I am perched on the edge of it, Jessie and Vergil's house just a little over a mile down the road which is all downtown and I feel no need for a car at this point but just my two strong legs and we had so much fun last night when they all came over and we cooked frozen pizzas and drank beer and were silly. I'm getting to spend time with Hank that I would never have gotten to do otherwise and that feels really good too.

Today I think that Hank and Jessie and I are just going to walk around downtown, go where our legs take us, do whatever appeals to us. I could spend fortunes here but luckily, I'm not really that type of woman.
Hell, I could spend fortunes on organic vegetarian meals alone. The food is SO good.
But now I'm going to go eat some cereal and fruit and then I'm going to meet up with Hank and Jessie.

I'm just so glad to be here. To see how much progress Vergil and Jessie have made with their little home. Their garden is beautiful, the little kitties they are fostering making it a merry circus. It's cheerful and light and colorful and Vergil and Jessie have made curtains and hung them up. Vergil's mother made them some beautiful shelves for the food in their kitchen. They have a washer and a clothesline.
It's all so good.
And Lis was up playing guitar when I left and this morning she's in a class with Janis Ian and I am sure that SOME of you are impressed with this fact.

I've talked to Mr. Moon and Owen, too, this morning. Owen told me he loves me. I told him I want to smush him with my love. I miss my home, my husband, my grandson and my May and Lily and I wish they were here too. I would smush all of them with my love. The dogs I would just smush.

So that's it from Asheville this morning where I am happy and content and have fresh peaches and blueberries in the refrigerator and where the mountains are hazy and beautiful in the background like soft bosoms and there is life and living going on all around me and I will be meeting up with two of my children and I am staying here in this beautiful place with my darling Lis.

Oh my.

Please forgive me if I don't get around to your places. Know I love you and am thinking of you and will try to read what I can because I know you are living your lives as I am living mine and somehow, we are all in this together and that makes me happier than you can know.


Ms. Moon


  1. I am just happy that you posted and all is well. Glad that you are enjoying the coolness and the cool town. It is one of my favorite places.

  2. Oh, God.

    Janis Ian is my all time idol. I worship her, and have for over 40 years....

    I AM impressed.

    Enjoy Asheville and your darlings. Us mommas always need this kind of time.


  3. if you're reading this comment, you've just wasted 30 seconds of cool Asheville time; HA!
    Now go to Highlands brewery (Fridays only, I think) and get a beer and check out their big-ass fans!

  4. I was curious, so I looked up the kava. I found this:
    A Cochrane Collaboration systematic review of its evidence concluded that kava-kava was likely to be more effective than placebo at treating short-term social anxiety.

    So I say, go for it! :-)

    Looks like a great trip!

  5. I feel like I haven't been here in FOREVER and it's only been like five days so that just shows you how much I visit! Good to see you are expanding your horizons and I totallyunderstand random grocery store stress :))) Bar hopping with kids? Not so much.

  6. sounds divine, ms. moon. you and your babies roaming around. heaven.

  7. I can hear the happiness in your writing! Soak it in your time while away....

  8. I loved hearing every word of it all. Love to you and yours -- and I'm impressed by Lis and Janice Ian. Truly!

  9. Enjoy the good mountain air for me. Also see the Biltmore House if you have time. It's a humdinger.

    I love you!

  10. Sister Moon, you could make cleaning out a sock drawer seem fun. Everything is fun with you. Thanks for checking in with us because we want to know about every little detail.

    1. What the hell is Kava Juice?
    2. Maggie May is correct--barhopping with ninos? Aww hell naw.

  11. You've made me want to go and visit Asheville. Real bad.


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