Thursday, July 21, 2011

This Is Turning Into A Newsletter

First off, I took down the post of the embedded video of Roseanne on Chelsea Lately because every time you came to my blog, that damn thing played an advertisement and I'm not getting any revenues from it so screw that.

So good morning. Glad that's cleared up.

I got an e-mail from my brother whose picture I so rudely posted here.
The e-mail said this:

I noticed you didn't-take a single picture of me when I was at your house on May first..why? But you show that funny picture on your blog? It wasn't that funny to me..but I dig the glasses

Well, he's right. So in the spirit of fairness, here's two pictures of my brother as he is all grown-up without the glasses. He shed those puppies as soon as he got his braces off and has worn contacts mostly since then.

This is my brother White and me back about five years ago? I can't remember. Anyway, Mr. Moon and I had gone out west and did a road trip which was fabulous and ended up on the Pacific Coast right beneath Canada which is where my brother lives.

And here's a picture of White at Jessie's graduation this year:

Fair is fair. White is NOT the little dork he once was and Lord Have Mercy, neither am I. I may be old and wrinkled and ugly but I am NOT a dork. I used to be. Oh yeah. Believe me. I was the dorkiest female dork on the planet. I have pictures to prove that too. Maybe I'll show you some one of these days.
I ain't proud.

So yesterday when I was in the Goodwill, a woman recognized me from the blog. It was odd! She said, "Are you Mary Moon?" and I said, "Yes." And then I think I may have actually said, "Do I know you?" Because you know I have that face recognition issue and so I may know someone but not recognize them but no, she recognized me from my blog and all I could think of to say was, "Well then you know a lot about me," which is true and for a second, I felt EXTREMELY vulnerable, not in the way where you think someone is going to shoot you, but still. She was very friendly, though, and sweet, and I got all shy and started channeling a former friend who is like the Very Princess of Southern Girl Sweetness which is not really like me at all but hell- that's what happened. And after we broke up our little aisle-tete-a-tete, I headed straight to the overalls, all the while thinking, Jesus, I am so predictable.
So thank-you for introducing yourself, Sharon Lou, and I am so glad you like my blog.

No. I did not buy overalls. I did not buy velvet, either. I am so fat I couldn't find anything I was even vaguely interested in which would fit my fat body except for an old hippie skirt and a blouse. Jesus. Thank god you can wear anything in Asheville. It is like the capital of Wear Whatever You Want, We Don't Care, which is awesome. Lis will be wearing her petticoats, I will be wearing my overalls, Hank will be wearing his whatever-he-wears and Jessie will be floating around us wearing things that make her look like a dancing hippie nurse musician beam of light.


Okay. I got boys coming over today and I need to get my ass in gear. Kathleen's darling nephew Christopher is coming around noon or so and Owen is coming around one. Two boys! I think that Owen is going to worship Christopher and this is going to be fun. It is a lovely day in Lloyd, Florida and the chickens are already out and finding tasty bugs except for three of the new ones who cannot seem to figure out how to get out of the coop. Three others did and I suppose that's an intelligence test right there. The two flocks are not blending but there doesn't seem to be a lot of conflict, either so that is good. I am wondering what will happen when the new babes reach maturity. Will Elvis want to fuck the girls and kill the boys? Only time will tell. Meanwhile, it is moulting season again and my yard is littered with chicken feathers and I'm getting maybe one egg a day and for the past two days, the eggs I did get got broken (one by Owen, one by me) and the dogs got to eat them directly from the floor.
Sad, sad, sad.
Except for the dogs who were happy, happy, happy.

I think it is Hank's last day of work with the state of Florida. Go either here or here and tell him congratulations on a new life! And check out his blogs because they are probably not like the blogs you already read and he's a great writer and has an amazing eye.
Love you, Hank! I can't wait to Rock-n-Roll with you up that road to Asheville.
(We're going to listen to the Keith book on CD and although it will be the THIRD time I've listened to it, I'm very excited at the prospect. Yes. I am weird. Possibly even a...dork.)

All right. Is everyone happy now? White? You cool with this?

Rock on!


  1. It's my last day and I have a ton of work to finish! But then I won't have to care about this any more! And in Asheville I will be wearing my kmart sneakers, cut off army pants, and plain tshirts. Because that I what I wear.

  2. DTG,
    I SO LOVE YOU! Congratulations on your fresh start. College is lucky to get you.

    I am proud of you.

    White looks fine either way.


  3. DTG- We're going to be quite the good-looking group, aren't we? Hey! You gonna shop with me or not? We can go to Thomas Wolfe's house. It's gonna be awesome!

  4. Love you, SB!

    Mama, I am down for whatever. I will be nearly stone broke and out for whatever fun can be scrounged up.

  5. Your brother is handsome -- in fact, everyone in your family appears to be good-looking. I'd never know you or anyone else was or is a dork.

  6. I think I would fall over dead from a heart attack casued by mortification if someone recognized me from my blog. Seriously. You are so damn cool I can't stand it! But-that is why I keep coming back. I hope you all have a great trip!

  7. Gosh Ms. Moon,I didn't mean to make you feel all vulnerable. Truly I didn't. I'm not nearly as sweet as I seem, ha, ha, ha...and I curse like a sailor! I do indeed like your blog because you are so real, and because you tell it like it is whether it's good or bad. I can relate with so many things that you talk about.

    Hope you have a wonderful time in Asheville! Oh, and BTW....YOU ARE NOT FAT, and I would know since I'm a fat gal!

  8. White is a cutie. Loved the email!
    Love this post, the meeting with the blog reader and then you going over to the overalls. So funny.
    Great writing.
    Who needs books when I have you?

  9. DTG- What are you going to EAT? Oh, I guess we'll feed you.

    Elizabeth- Just wait until I show you my "before" pictures.

    Kori- I am SO not cool that it's unbelievable. But thank-you.

    SharonLou- I am honestly delighted that you introduced yourself. I am. And I am pretty sure that we're going to have a fine time in Nashville.

    Bethany- Ha! YOU need books! As do we all!

  10. the family resemblance is strong. is hank moving to Asheville too? or just visiting? i'm so nosy, you'd think it was my own family. wait. it is. (or feels like it). love.

  11. Fancy meeting you in real life, Ms Moon. That would be a treat, and as for the image of those chooks in the hen house and your brother now and then, all lovely.

  12. Why does he care if you took his picture or not when he was at your house? Sorry, just had to say that. I'm more happy if I DONT have the camera in my face :)

    I can't wait to meet your clan. You know it'll happen!

  13. Congrats to Hank! That is awesome. I was glad to not have all the BS to deal with that the state generates. Hank will do well with whatever he chooses, I suspect.
    Yes, Asheville is a free clothing type of town. Enjoy it all.

  14. Angella- You're right. And you should see the picture of White's and my great-great-great? grandfather. White is his spitting image! No. Hank is not moving to Asheville (unless something incredible happens). He's enrolled in Community College here for the fall. And yes, we are sort of family. Somehow, some way.
    Which makes me very, very happy.

    Elisabeth- Well, it would be a bit more difficult to accidentally run into you! But it would be amazing!

    SJ- Well, you probably won't meet White when you visit. He's sort of thinking of never returning to Florida.

    Syd- Amen! On all of that.


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