Friday, July 15, 2011

Maybe I Have The Raybees (Yes, I Meant To Spell It Like That- Thanks, Ms. Radish King)

Could someone please just come and slap me?
Either that or send me off on vacation.
One or the other.

Dreamed that I was dreaming again. Prayed that I was dreaming. I'm not even IN a performance at the Opera House right now and I dream that I am screwing up performances by not being able to find my costumes or make-up which are in my car which I cannot find. No. I can't find my fucking car because I parked somewhere in a city. Monticello is about three blocks wide. What do I think? That I'm performing in downtown Chicago?
I won't even go into the fact that I'm not really sure what play we're doing or have any idea what my lines are OR the other stuff which I can't talk about here because Lord Have Mercy.

I feel as crazy as wisteria blooming in July. By the way, if I don't get out there and trim that damn wisteria I am going to wake up entangled in its tendrils. It's already growing up under the wall of the house. It's already growing up into the pecan tree, pulling it down and taking it over.

I got nothing else to tell you today. I'm crazy.
Then I think about Michele Bachmann and I feel pretty much better in the mental illness department.

But I have to tell you- the fact that she's a serious candidate for president makes me even crazier. And the fact that her from-all-outwards-appearances-gay-husband counsels men on how not to be gay and says that gay teens are Barbarians who need to be DISCIPLINED makes me INSANE LIKE I NEED TO KICK SOMEONE'S ASS!

All right. That's it from me today. That's me in the corner with no religion to lose, being all crazy and drinking Fabuloso (blue flavor) straight out of the bottle and alternately weeping and wanting to kick someone's ass.

Happy Friday, y'all!
Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I'm almost damn certain that Michele Bachman's husband is gay himself. Cured, my ass. As if there is something fucking wrong with being gay that a bitch needs to be cured from.


  2. Put me in the ring with Mr. Bachman. I'm sick of this shit. I'll take the motherfucker out.

  3. Ms. Bastard-Beloved- Amen, Amen, Amen. I love you.

  4. I just feel like continuing to rant and comment because it's that sort of damn day!

    I'm tired of people telling other damn people how they ought to live. MIND YOUR DAMN BUSINESS, MOTHERFUCKERS!

  5. You live close to Tallahassee ~ why don't you ride over (if you can find your car) and kick Prick Scott's ass??? That might make you and everyone else in Florida feel a lot better!

  6. Pass the bottle of Fabuloso.

    And I'd add the word "The" to Raybees so it's The Raybees.

  7. Great last paragraph! Happy Friday sweet Mama Moon!

    I didn't even take a shower today, I woke up so late, messy ponytail and no make up at the corner library, ready to serve you.

  8. I have been laying low re: politics because I get too infuriated and I am the only bleeding heart liberal in my house so we all end up arguing BUT I think I might need to go search out this whore and her freaky-ass husband. So that I can stand in line to kick his ass too.

    We are all crazy, Ms. Moon.

  9. I have paid so little attention to Michelle Bachman I had no idea of the true extent of the freak show.

    It's those locks, coming loose as Margaret Atwood says. Don't worry about it. We're all walking around here with locks clanging open. better than repressing shit, i say.

    hang in there, friend.

  10. Raybees was the name of a fairly legendary hardcore musician, mostly known for the band Warzone. Taylor's a big fan.

  11. The bad part is we have to listen to her shit for a while. If we had to listen to her and Palin, I would move to Sweden.

  12. ahhh. memories of war zone and agnostic front and being 18 and livin the thug life again. i think they both played at the capitol theatre in flint but man, i can't remember back 21 years and my collection of flyers i saved from all the shows i went to is long gone.

    your son rocks ms. moon! i don't know who taylor is but they have great taste!


  13. Don't feel alone because I feel just as crazy today. Thank goodness it's Friday and my grandkids are spending the night with me. They are the best medicine I can think of.

  14. @ Sarcastic Bastard - I'd pay good money to see that match! And I'm a pinko pacifist but even we have our limits.

    And OMG I love love love Fabuloso! The pink one! Floral? I dunno but the smell alone is enough to make me wanna clean. It reminds me of the tiny island (near-ish Puerto Rico) where I lived where everyone cleaned everything with it and dumped it in their laundry, so you could smell it where ever you go. I was so happy when I found it in Canada - and nearly despondent when they recently changed the formula so it doesn't smell the same. *sob*

    I LOVE this header! It somehow says it all to me about North Florida.


  15. I have similar Finale's dreams. I'm lost in some hidden catacomb or hallway in the bar which has now morphed into a labyrinth. Creep show!

    As for Michele's husband... he will likely get caught with a man and find himself having to tell the world he is sorry about his former "comments" regarding the gay community. Watch and see.

  16. I live in St. Pete and I want wisteria!!! I'm guessing you must be in NORTH Florida? still my heart...could I grow it here??????

  17. Ms. Bastard-Beloved- Rant away! Always! I love you MASSER!

    Lulumarie- But wouldn't they arrest me? Otherwise, gladly!

    Elizabeth- Done!

    Bethany- I'm glad you liked it. I thought it conjured up an image.
    Boy, will your shower feel good tonight!

    Kori- That's the damn truth.

    Angella- I keep thinking about that Atwood quote. It's SO true.

    DTG- See? I had no idea. Thanks!
    Hey- lunch rocked!

    Syd- I don't know. I'm still thinking Mexico.

    Mrs. A- Taylor is one of Hank's girlfriends from long ago but now a cherished family member. AKA Tay-Tay. We love her.

    Lois- Have a wonderful time!

    Invisigal- I shall try the Pink Floral! All of the colors I've tried are Fabuloso!

    Ms. Fleur- He's a crier. I can see him crying now.

    Secret Pepper Person- I don't think you can grow wisteria that far south. I'm so sorry. Yep. I live in N. Florida for sure. Almost S. Georgia.

  18. mrs. miss alaineus: I'm more on the oi side of things, but Taylor was a sXe kid for many years and still loves the music. Last time I saw Agnostic Front was with Murphys Law at a bar the size of a taco bell's dining room about 6 years ago. I thought the walls were gonna come in on us.

    WV: trani. Ha!


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