Saturday, July 9, 2011

Have You Ever Seen Anything This Cute?

Yah. It's been a really good night.
Kati and Liz are tucked up in the Panther Room and Mr. Moon is in our bed, asleep. The frogs are croaking big deep throat croaks. We had pizza and martinis and Liz brought out the tequila.
That tiny lizard was on Mr. Moon's truck earlier in the evening and he entertained us well. We petted the chickens and admired the live oaks and the earth is taking care of itself and now it's time for us humans to close our eyes and see where our dreams take us.

Sometimes you feel as if you are part of it all and not fighting a damn thing.

Those are the good times.

Night-night. Sweet dreams.
Ms. Moon


  1. I startled a wee lizard in my aloe plant earlier. He jumped around but was not going to give up his jungly little home.

  2. Sweet dreams Ms. Moon, and that is a very cool picture of a little lizard.

  3. Those are indeed good times Mrs. Moon...

  4. DTG- This guy wanted to live on Mr. Moon.

    Mr. Shife- Wouldn't your boy love these lizards?

    Tiffany- It WAS a good time. I swear.

  5. The little anoles are all over up here. The cats love it when one comes in the house. But it is curtains for the lizard!

  6. Syd- My dogs don't even try for them.

  7. Glad you had such a fine time. The midgety lizard is adorable.

  8. Sounds like a perfect night and the lizard is soooo cute xx


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