Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tiny Gifts

Yesterday when Owen was here he got in the little closet under the stairs, which he loves to do, and called his Bop to come and see him, which of course, Bop did. While he was there, he reached up to a beam above the door and felt around to see if there was anything there. He knows that long ago they used to set a silver dollar on a beam when a house was being built and he wondered if there might be one there.
But no, there was not.
Instead, his fingers found the tiny stein you see above. Have you ever seen a miniature beer stein? It is so clever, it's little hinged lid mended by someone with a bit of copper wire, I think:

If you look very closely, you can see.

It felt like a tiny gift, left by someone who lived here long ago. It feels old. It looks old. We set it up on the shelf above the sink where we keep found treasures and shells and a few pictures and old plates.

A tiny gift.

But that's not really what I came here to talk about today. Well, yes, a tiny gift, yes. But.

Lily called me this morning and asked what I was doing today. Could I come in and do something with her and Owen?
Ah, lah. I didn't really care to drive to town but I needed a few things and besides, if one of your children wants to do something with you and a grandson is involved, well, if you're me, you go, and I did.

I picked them up and we drove to the bank where Bop works to pick up a gift card that he had from Target so that I could use it to buy Owen a new potty. He has one at home but he needs one here too, and has started making progress in that area. He has pooped in it once, peed a little in it once, and so, it has begun.
When we were in Mr. Moon's office and Mr. Moon was helping Owen get some mardi gras beads off a door handle to play with, Lily burst out with, "Well, since you're both here together, I have something to tell you..."

And I know of course, immediately what it was and Mr. Moon, who was busy with Owen, didn't even hear her and I said, "Honey! Did you hear what Lily said?"

And then she said, "I'm going to have another baby," and he heard and oh my. Oh my.

She's just barely pregnant and she had thought to wait to tell people but then she figured that if she did lose this pregnancy, she'd need the support anyway, so...why not?
Why not indeed?
And so...there you go.

Funny, I thought I saw a little blue light the other day as I passed through the hallway and because this has happened to me before during occasions of pregnancies, I had a second of wondering whether or not this was one of those lights, or merely my old eyes. And I just this moment remembered that.

Lily cried a little when she told us and of course, I did too. Another baby. She and Jason are very excited and at the same time, with the second pregnancy, you know what you're getting into and how difficult it can be at times but also, how much more joyful it is than you could ever have imagined.
There may be a little less mystery, a little less magic, but not really. As I told her today, each baby brings its own share of those two things, along with all the love in the world.

And so here we are, our family growing bigger and with more love. Again. I can hardly believe it. We shall see who we are getting this time around. Another boy? A girl perhaps?
A baby. We are going to have a baby if all goes well.

She is already tired and gets hungry as a beast and she gets a bit queasy if she doesn't eat. She is so grateful that she did not have a Cesarean Section last time, despite everyone's belief that she would end up with one. She is even thinking that perhaps she might be able to have a home birth with this child.

We shall see.

I saw Jason at work when I went in to Publix on my way home. He looks so pleased. What a fine father he is and how beautiful it's going to be to see him with another child. He and Lily are the BEST parents.

And Owen? Well, he's been told but I am sure he has no idea what this is about. "Baby" is one of his favorite words now and he went to see a new baby last week but of course, that baby stayed with his parents which is a different situation entirely.
Ah. It will work out. It always does. Babies love babies.
Everyone loves babies.
Or at least, we do.

Can you believe it?

Well. That's my news. Lily said I could tell and so I am and so I have.

Tiny gifts. Some found after having been hidden away for years, some forming within a mother's womb as we speak, cells dividing and dividing so cleverly, so tenderly, in such order and intent.


Oh my heart. I cannot wait to hold another newly born baby in my hands. Oh my heart.

Here we go again.


  1. First, of course, yay Lily and Jason! Can't wait to squirsh a new baby.

    Second, how cool is that beer stein? Seriously, I have to check that out next time I'm there.

  2. Yaaayyyy!!!

    The second I read "Lily called me this morning," I thought, oh, oh... baby, baby, baby.

    So exciting! So happy for Lily and Jason and Owen and you and Mr. Moon and oh, I'm just about squeeling over here. :D

  3. The "magic" might be gone with a second baby, but-I like to think it just changes. Because you DO know exactly what you are getting into (so far as each child/pregnancy is similar) and yet you choose to do it anyway. THAT? Is magic to me. So I am so thrilled for all of you; what a joy!

  4. Congratulations to all of you! What a beautiful thing.

  5. cells dividing and dividing so cleverly, so tenderly, in such order and intent.

    ah that made my heart ache.
    happy happy joy joy, congrats all around, what fine news!

  6. Congratulations! So excited for the Moon families! I can't wait to watch this new baby grow.

  7. YAY! oh lucky lucky you. the beer stein. that's magic plain and simple.

  8. Tiny gifts and tiny, huge heartfelt toasts from that doll sized stein! Congrats to everyone!
    --Michele R.

  9. Oh yay yay yay! Congratulations to your whole family!

  10. Ok, so I am going to shamelessly beg. Can I have that little bitty beer stein?? I love stuff like that.

    My newest nephew will be born in a few weeks, and I have to say--even though this is round number five for our family, it's still full of surprises and aniticipation for us. Love to you and yours. I love you.

  11. Hoo-ray-oo-ray-oo-ray! for baby!

    and oooooooo how nifty and curious is that tiny stein. what a magical boy Owen is. He'll have so much to teach his younger sib.

  12. I am glad for Lily and Jason and you and Mr. Moon. I hope that all goes well with those little dividing cells.

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  16. Congratulations to you and the whole family. Wow!

    When I was pregnant with my second, one night in my last few days I cried and cried because I was scared I could never love another child like my first. Then I remembered what my late grandmama told me who had eleven of her own (and over thirty-five grandkids):

    "Funny thing about having kids and grandkids--just when it seems like they fill up your whole heart another comes along and your heart just makes room."

    So happy that your hearts are about to make room!


    A new family adventure! I know Owen will be a fine big brother.


  18. Congrats to Lilly & Jason and the whole family!

    The mini beer stein is awesome too. Just treasures all around today.

  19. Congratulations and blessings! Another day of magic.

  20. Be still my heart. Big brother Owen. Lucky blessed baby. Bless you all.

  21. Here's to a beautiful new life that is beginning, and the beautiful family that it is being born in to. What a lucky lucky little person.

  22. Oh, how exciting. And the age difference between Owen and his new baby will be perfect -- I know that because it's probably the same as that between my two boys -- enough space to ensure a real big brother/ little whatever but close enough to play and be friends.


  23. Congrats!

    Gradydoctor - I love that!

  24. Congrats to you all! I'm so excited. Owen's going to be a wonderful big brother!

  25. Wonderful news! And Owen will be a great big brother...

  26. Little beer steins were made for dolls and large doll houses at the end of the 19th, early 20th cent. and obviously German or Austrian.

    Under the stairs is a favorite haunt of BabyGirl and I imagine every child; there's just something fun about that space. Someone else's little one also thought as much.

    Oh, and congrats on the whole baby-making thing; you know, happy baby news I mean.

  27. Woah! I did not see that coming, not even half way down the post - and I was amazed enough by the beer stein as it was!

    Congratulations, Lily and Jason, and everyone else!

  28. How wonderful for all of you. The tiny stein a portend of a new baby... And perhaps a home birth, oh yeah! Many blessings on all of you.

    XXX Beth

  29. That's great news! And we're still okay with just one for now.

  30. DTG- You will love the beer stein. And we will all love squirshing another baybee.

    Stephanie- We all get another baby! All of us! Lily is so kind to share.

    Kori- As you know well. Thanks, honey.

    Mwa- Received with love.

    Mrs. A- Yours too.

    Bethany- The best!

    Rebecca- We must be patient. It's hard.

    Radish King- I think the Borrowers left it. It looks perfectly Borrowerish.

    Anonymous- Tiny toasts is right.

    Lora- Yes! Yay!

    SJ- I love you dear, but I don't think Mr. Moon is going to give up his magical find. I can't wait to see your nephew!

    X-ray Iris- I know. And he'll know so much more by the time the baby is ready to learn. Oh my.

    Syd- Oh, me too.

  31. I am SO THRILLED for all of you! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

    Love y'all,


  32. Birdie- You are so good at that fancy stuff!

    gradydoctor- My biggest fear my entire second pregnancy was that there was no way in the world I would ever love another baby the way I loved my first and I was so ashamed and couldn't tell anyone what I was thinking. And then, May was born, and I realized that each baby just busts out the walls of your heart so that the unused space is available and that the heart has no limits at all.

    Ms. Fleur- Can you believe it? Of course you can.

    Mel's Way- Funny how that happens. Magic makes magic?
    We know that love makes love.

    A- Exactly.

    rebecca- Endlessly.

    Angella- Oh. Just WAIT until you're a grandmother. You will know what bliss is.

    tiffany- Well, there will be plenty of joy and love. That I know.

    Elizabeth- About 28 months. Yes. It's going to be perfect.

    NOLA- Grady Doctor is right.

    Lucy and Dianne- I think so too. Thank-you.

    Mungam- Where did you find this information? I can't seem to find much. But thank-you. And you always make me laugh, for which I thank you even more.

    Jo- Girl! I thought you'd figure it out immediately.

    silverfinofhope- The best sort of news.

    Beth- Wish you could come catch...
    Lily is an awesome baby-haver.

    Jon- No rush, dear. No rush.

  33. Ms. Bastard-Beloved- Maybe you'll get another scarf. Tee-hee.

  34. Oh, Lily's news made me tingle. I am still tingling all over. So happy for those kids and all of the rest of you too. Sweet kisses to you all.

  35. I'm just now catching up and I'm so happy to hear this wonderful news! Congrats to Lily and Jason and Owen and you and the whole family!

  36. Just scrolled down from current post to look for baby news and found this. Congratulations! The absolute BEST news.

  37. Doesn't Mr Moon know WHO I AM?!? :) Fine, fine. I'll have to find my own teeny tiny beer stein. =)

  38. Congratulations! I've been away and am just catching up. Lovely news!
    I love the tiny things left behind by the borrowers and love that you're going to have another grandbaby to love - it's almost too much isn't it?

  39. Congratulations to Lily and Jason! How exciting this is. I love little babies. There's something so enchanting about them. And how delightful for you, Ms. Moon! Another little sweetheart to hold.

  40. I hoped. I read the title and hoped and hoped and... hooray!! Congratulations to your beautiful family growing more beautiful by the day. You all have some much love among you it just might be overflowing all the way to Utah.


  41. That's wonderful news!! Congratulations to all of you. How lovely!

    Love The Borrower's beer stein. Love you xx


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