Friday, July 8, 2011

Possibly The Best Rain Of The Summer. So Far

While I was brushing my teeth this morning I heard drops on the tin roof above me and by the time I'd let the chickens into their coop and gotten the paper, the heavens opened up and the gullies are in the process of being washed, the toads are being strangled and the dry coffers of life are being filled with wet offerings of silver.

This would all be tremendous were it not for the fact that Mr. Moon is fishing today and the radar seems to indicate huge storms coming from that salty part of our area. Mmmmm...
He's not on his own boat, for once, but the boat of a retired captain so I presume they are being sensible and have all of the equipment needed to warn them of these storms and are hopefully holed up somewhere on land, drinking coffee and eating eggs and grits.

They are grown men. I am NOT GOING TO WORRY!


So I was talking to my mother on the phone last night and out of the blue she asks me what I think about "that trial." I assume she means the Casey Anthony thing and I tell her the truth- I haven't followed it and I don't know anything about it. Okay, I know that a darling child died and the death was covered up and somehow grandparents were involved and duct tape and that's about it.
"Have you ever heard of such a thing?" my mother asked. "A mother killing her child?"
"Well, Mom, it does happen," I said.
"I've never heard of it!" Mom says. The woman is 84 years old. Surely she has heard about a mother killing her child before. It's funny how the filters work as the brain ages. Or even before.
Well, I still don't have anything to say about that case. Nothing. Except that here in Florida where it occurred the legislators are hot, hot, hot to introduce a Casey Bill which would make not reporting a missing child a crime.
Like that's going to help any damn thing at all.
I mean, if you MURDER your child, do you think that the fact that it's illegal not to report the child missing is going to inhibit your efforts to hide the body?

Whatever. And I don't know that the mother did murder the child. According to the verdict, maybe not.

I got no time for Nancy Grace. That woman scares the fucking shit out of me. Who IS Nancy Grace? A woman who seems to make her living on the murders of white girls is all I can figure out. The first time I saw her on TV I thought it was a joke, a rerun of an old Saturday Night Live. The second time I saw her on TV I changed the channel. I would completely rather watch a man eating four pounds of meat in under an hour than watch that woman.

It's a crazy world.
But it's raining here.
And Mr. Moon just called and he's on his way home. No fishing today.

Here's a tiny frogette, a treefrog, as a matter of fact, who has crawled in to take shelter, I suppose. He is looking out at the rain and it's easy to think that he's contemplating something deep and meaningful as he sits on the cross frame of the screen door on this Friday morning.

He looks a bit resigned, doesn't he? Like a fisherman who couldn't get out on the water, like a frog whose breakfast was interrupted by the downpour.

So. Life in Lloyd on a rainy Friday morning. The dogs are pooping inside, the chickens are staying in their house, the ground is soaking up water, the rain is starting to ease off, the birds are starting to chitter a bit, my husband is on his way home and has offered to stop and buy shrimp.

Gray curtains of water are enclosing my cozy house, the frogs are swelling in chorus back in the woods and I am as content as I can be, safely home, nowhere I have to be.

Happy Friday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I'm so cut off from everything that I had no idea who those people were until I heard about it at work on Wednesday.

    I have nothing to say about it either.

    That rain looks good.


  2. I am so thrilled to see that Michelle has surfaced and that the three of us could perhaps be sitting on your portch, watching the rain and not discussing what we haven't heard about until very recently.

    Love you.

  3. Michelle- Join the I-don't-know-shit-about-this Club. This rain is perfect. Love you. Have missed you so much.

    Elizabeth- Be still my heart.

  4. We had a mini-frog strangler here. But more is likely on the way. I was out with the dogs in the rain and it was great. We were all enjoying the run. Have a good day.

    PS: Nancy Grace seems to be a voyeur--I too thought that she was a joke and it turns out that she probably is.

  5. Those pictures are so pretty. I miss me some North Florida seeing that sort of scene. Let me know when you start an artists' colony for moms of toddlers who never get to make much in the way of art any more. I will be packing our bags post haste!

  6. *sigh* I absolutely love Florida when it peaceful.

    And, yeah, Nancy Grace is totally batshit!

  7. the dogs are pooping inside. hehe.

  8. Syd- Sweet rain. That is real. Nancy Grace? That is weird.

    Saja- Hello and welcome! So you are Panhandle Soap Woman? Hurray! You have a beautiful daughter. Come back often.

    koshercritter- And welcome to you, too! Two new commenters in one day! I shall run go mark the calender. You have knowledge of N. Florida? It IS peaceful when it rains here if it's not lightening and storming, which it is not today. Just gentle rain now. Lovely.

    adrienne- And peeing. Damn dogs. They can't go outside in the rain. Hello, love! How are you?

  9. aw, that froggie, you're right, the way you described him, his expression, so pefect. He looks so innocent and resigned. Waiting. Bless his heart and yours too. Lovely writing as usual dear MM.

  10. What most people don't know is that Nancy's fiance was murdered back in the 70's and that's what made her want to start studying law. She's passionate about addressing the injustices in America, so I think we should just let her do it.

  11. Bethany- He was an especially expressive frog, I thought.

    Anonymous- That may well be true and I give her my full permission to do what she does but I am not going to watch her do it.

  12. That last picture looks like something from a movie... just amazing. It makes me want to be there.

    I never follow murder stories either. It feels a bit dirty to be intruding in what is so private because it is someone's violent death. I feel I don't belong in that business.

  13. Your photos are gorgeous!

    I dig Nancy Grace. She's a damn crackpot and she says what she thinks and DOES NOT mince words. Rereading that last sentence, it could be a description of me. Laugh.

    Casey Anthony so did it. She is a total heartless bitch, and I wish her nothing but ill will. I hope she has a bitch of a life.


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