Saturday, June 4, 2011

Son Of A Bitch!

So I'm just sitting here on the porch watching a little Cocksucker Blues on the Youtube and Elvis and the hens start going crazy.
I look up to see...WHAT?... running around the coop and trying to get in. Desperate to get in.
I snatch up the camera, put Cocksucker on hold and run out and snap that picture. Damn fox was ON the run between hen house and coop.
He saw me and ran.
Elvis is still upset.
Laws a mercy.

And to add to the complete weirdness here, it's rained all around us. I can hear it, smell it, feel it in the air.

Not one damn drop, though. Not one.

Saturday in Lloyd. What you gonna do?


  1. Damn what a picture! (I would have written sooner but I was laughing too hard at the comment, "After I put Cocksucker on hold".

    That fox is posing as if to say, "Yeah, if you think you can relax in the small town of Lloyd, think again, Lady".
    Hope Elvis and the chickens feel better soon.
    You need to set up cameras or something out there.

  2. Dang. I thought it was a hawk getting your chickens. Damn fox. Funny it's all squinty like the one I saw that looked blind. Maybe that's just what foxes do in the sunlight. Hope you find a way to scare it off.
    Hope you get rain too. My sister is in a month long drought in Delmar on the crack of Delaware and Maryland. Our Mom got an inch of rain a few miles down the road, but none for sis. It's crazy how mixed up it all is. We got all the extra here - breaking records for ytd rainfall in the Chicago area, almost 20 inches already this year. I'm just going to say it - global warming is a bitch.
    Hope your chickens stay safe and thanks for the lead on the gloves.

  3. Now that I'm a lover of chickens, this is my worst nightmare.

    But that fox sure does look determined. I hope he's decided that your chooks are too much effort and has gone elsewhere for his meal (he sure looks like a 'he', doesn't he).

    Can I also say that you were right, Ms Moon - I don't regret having chooks at all. They make me so happy.

  4. Michele R- I crack myself up sometimes. The chickens have calmed down. Mr. Moon has put up a barricade at the door until we can put a latch on it.

    Mel- I know! I thought maybe he was just blinking. We did get a bit of rain. Not a whole lot but a whole lot better than nothing. And those gloves- they will change your LIFE!

    Nigel- It's in our DNA. Chickens make us happy. We feel complete if we have chickens. Or complete-er, at least. I love that y'all call them "chooks." It's like the sound they make. And that pen is pretty fox-proof. Mr. Moon did a good job building it.

  5. I know I'd feel differently about the fox and her five cubs cavorting twenty feet from my window if I had chickens, as I'd intended... But I just read that foxes chew on hoses and brake lines, which I do have, and which I do NOT want gnawed. Or even touched.

  6. A fox trying to get in the henhouse--an age old thing. I hope that the chickens will be safe.

  7. Wow! That is a great picture, but I hope he stays away.

  8. Nice shot of the fox, but I'm sure glad you scared him away! I got some rain at my house. Not much, but it's better than nothing.

  9. Wow!!! That's incredible you got a picture of him!

  10. A- Well. I have no idea what to do about that. But I loved the little vid you sent me.

    Syd- I think they are.

    Lora- I'm pretty proud of it.

    Lois- Same here! Better than nothing.

    Ms. Fleur- I do not care. I have given up enough of my hens.

    Nicol- I'm pretty amazed myself.

  11. It's the Fantastic Mr. Fox!! I know they're the devil for hens but I just adore those sons of bitches.

    I guess my raindance didn't work properly; will try foxtrotting this time.

  12. Lookit that fox! Now, how do we keep them away from the hens? Moat!

  13. Why are the cute ones always so evil?
    (You know who you are.)

  14. That's some serious wild kingdom going on in Lloyd -- rain or no rain!

  15. Caught in a photo! Now how to keep him from coming back.

    I would love to share our rain because it rained big time in "sunny" California! Crazy rain..not just a itty bitty shower.

  16. I bet SB LOVED this post. Cocksucker!
    You are funny.
    Damn fox.
    Great pic.

  17. OMG-Just as in The Fantastic Mister Fox-"We are wild animals."

    A fox in the henhouse!!!!! OMG

  18. That son-of-a-bitch! How dare he go around your girls.

  19. Mr Fox does look defiant. BB gun? I am sure the mister will have some ideas. Save the chickens! x0 N2

  20. Next time, shoot it with a GUN, not a camera.

  21. silverfinofhope- Well, we did get a bit of rain. Whatever works, honey!

    DTG- The moat would dry up.
    Plus, I think foxes can swim. They can climb trees.

    Lisa- Not me! I ain't cute!

    Elizabeth- Exactly. The Wild Fucking Kingdom!

    Ellen- Oh. If only.

    Bethany- SB doesn't get on the computer at home. She'll see it tomorrow. I bet she will like it.

    Birdie- I KNOW! Cocksucker.

    N2- Yeah. Mr. Moon definitely has a plan. And a gun.

    Lucy- I don't shoot guns. Only cameras.

    Mwa- I'm pretty surprised it came out. I have a good camera.

  22. I'm sure you don't think so, but I think the fox is cute. Sorry you have a predator milling about. I guess his presence explains some things.

  23. And Bethany and Ms. Moon, of course I loved the post!

  24. You've made me want to get the audio version of Keith's book and re-watch all the Stones documentaries too. The Cocksucker on hold made me laugh too.

    Damn foxes! There were two lying on my sunlounger the other morning.

    You must live in a microclimate, I think I do too.

    Hope you have some rain soon my friend, you can have some of mine xx

  25. That's a good looking fox! If you're not a chicken, of course. Reminds me of that Odetta song...


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