Thursday, June 30, 2011

For This Moment In Time

Mr. Moon said the "M" word yesterday. For those of you who do not know me, the "M" word is (I can barely type this)...Mexico.
I merely said, "Oh? Really?"
We were on our way to Lily and Jason's for the party.
I am afraid to jinx anything.

I will say no more about this.
For now.

I consciously left dirty dishes in the sink last night. DO YOU HEAR ME? Ms. Moon left dirty dishes in the sink. I chose to do that. I never, ever, EVER leave dirty dishes in the sink over night.
Okay. Maybe a bowl that someone ate a late-night snack out of.
But I looked at those few dishes that were there from the last preparations of the things I had taken to the party and I said, "No. Not tonight."
And guess what?
No one died.

And I've already washed them and done a load of laundry and it's time to take a walk and then get to Mother's old house to get rid of things and oh yes, oh yes, oh YES! I've talked to Kathleen. She is back in the states. Exhausted but happy and eager to get back to her house, her animals, her life. It turns out in Spain that no eats before midnight. Here in Jefferson County, we've usually been asleep for two or three hours by midnight.
She is high on the wave of Quantum Physics and is ruling the universe now.
Look- I don't doubt her. If anyone could do this, it is Kathleen.

Maybe she will teach me how to do it too. I don't want to rule the universe. I just want to make it rain sometimes.

I feel good today. I keep thinking about last night, how much fun it was. I keep remembering how Owen sat on my lap and patted the Batternburg lace on my new shirt all along the yoke and kept saying, "Nice. Nice." I am thinking about how lucky I am to be living this life. When Mr. Moon left for work he was wearing one of his new shirts. He looked so handsome. I am thinking of the way Billy and Shayla love their boy and also, how much their boy loves Hank and how long Hank and Billy have been friends and how lovely it is to see lives evolve together, delivering one joy after another along with the difficulties. I am thinking about small miracles and large ones. I am thinking about the kudzu growing over a power pole in Kingston, NC and how people think it looks like Jesus and how one man said, "You can't spray Jesus with Roundup," and that makes me laugh.
Would Roundup kill Jesus?

Who knows?
Not me.

As usual.

All I know is that my miracles, the ones I recognize and ponder, are far more mundane, and yet, at the same time, far more...miraculous.

They may have something to do with Quantum Physics.
Or they may just have a lot to do with love.

As always...Ms. Moon


  1. I visited Spain nearly twenty-five years ago, and I still remember eating near midnight and how freaking beautiful the people were. I'm glad Kathleen had a good time, and I wish you could visit there as well!

    As far as Roundup and Jesus -- oh, my god. I read, recently, that Roundup is one of those things that causes pretty serious birth defects and that the manufacturers have known this for quite some time. Perhaps that's the significance of kudzu on a pole, looking like Jesus.

  2. This will be on my mind all day:
    "I don't want to rule the universe. I just want to make it rain sometimes."

  3. Jesus Christ. What drugs are these damn people on? Jesus is a damn BIG stretch of the imagination.

    The Roundup comment is funny though. If it IS a work of God, would the Roundup harm it? Oh, ye of little faith and all that crap.

  4. Roundup causes miscarriages :(

    Apart from that depressing note, what a nice post! I will have my fingers crossed about that thing you are saying no more about for now.

  5. yes, love.
    This post made me happy.
    I too am leaving dishes in the sink and am even not making my bed sometimes.
    We are crazy rebels.

  6. love Jo's comment about the frog. I was thinking the same thing!

  7. I hope a trip to Mexico happens for you and Mr. Moon. What a treat and a honeymoon....

    I'm trying to sometimes be the is hard to do but I feel a bit...happy when I do.

    Let the Kudzu be. And the makers of Round-up ...shame on them. Shame and karma will get them.

  8. More than once I've thought about moving to Spain for precisely that reason...

  9. Elizabeth- I know. I read that and we use that shit down here like it was water.
    I've never been to Spain. I would like to go. But I'm not sure I can stay up that late!

    DTG- And they love you, my love.

    Lisa- It's true, though.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- See? I don't think it would hurt Jesus at all. YOU CAN'T KILL KUDZU!

    Jo- I think that was you. Thank-you, love.

    Bethany- Next you think you know, we'll be wearing our slippers to the grocery store! Watch out, world!

    Ellen- Kudzu has eaten most of the south already.

    A- Ah. You would be happy there, I think.

  10. Kudzu=Jesus. I always knew that in my heart.

  11. Babes said the I-word (Italy) to me a few months ago and he took it back. I don't think Mr Moon will do that.

  12. I won't mention it either but I'd love you to go xx


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