Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Small Soldiers Of Love

Mr. Moon is going fishing tomorrow. It is the annual Father's Day Big Bend Saltwater Fishing Tournament. Or something like that.

I bought Ghirardelli chocolate chips today and made him cookies with them and pecans. He will take them with him and hopefully, when he is tired and hungry, he can eat a few of those and remember how very much I love him and he will rally and find his strength.

I swear to god: Twenty seven years of knowing him and I am still finding more and more to love about him.

And ain't that love? Oh yeah. It is.


  1. I wish him luck with fishing. We finally had some rain here. I am happy.

  2. I hope Mr. Moon's teeth are not hurting him too badly. Please wish him a happy Father's Day for me. He is one of the best dads I almost know.

    Love you!!!

  3. What's funny is that I made Verge some cookies last night (Ok, I admit that I've had my share of cookies this morning too), but there's something about making sweets for your sweetie.

    I can't wait to hear about the fishing trip when it's over. Hopefully there will be big, big fish involved.

  4. i'd give just about anything to have a love to bake cookies for...maybe it's just my mood today.

    you and mr moon are awfully lucky people.

    thanks for coming to visit. xo

  5. My trailer is broken and tomorrow begins a weekend of fixin' it. Wish I could go fishin'. Wish I had some chocochips. DooDoo!

    BOAT =Break Out Another Thousand

  6. Oh gosh I remember Mr. Moon taking Aus out for his very first Father's Day weekend fishing competition thingie. Didn't Jess get stung by a jellyfish? And Austin SWEARS he caught a shark. And we ate Grouper. And it was lovely.

    Happy Early Father's Day to Mr. Moon who isn't just a father to his children, but is patient and kind to ALL children.

    I hope he catches a shark.

  7. Those cookies look great. Much love to you and Mr Moon xx

  8. It's making me nervous that there's no post from you today. I hope that everything is all right.

  9. @ Elizabeth, I know, me too.



  10. I should be taking notes. But then I always should. And I should visit more. Real life... grrr. Glad to be around just now, though. x

  11. Syd- The amount of rain we sometimes get does little more than wet down the dust for a few hours but it's nice to get any.
    A hopeful thing.

    Andrew- Another miracle.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- They only got some of the work that needs to be done finished but it'll help.

    Lisa- TRUE!

    HoneyLuna- I'm so glad your sweetie is home for you to make cookies for. I am wishing for BIG CHECKS! (Hee-hee.)

    Adrienne- I KNOW how lucky we are. I wish you had someone to make cookies for too. Or someone to make you cookies. Either way. Love you.

    M. Mungam- That is the damn truth on the boat thing. Jesus. But you men just love those boats, don't you? Sorry you have to fix your trailer. Haven't you taught Baby Girl to make her daddy some cookies yet?

    Lora- Amen.

    Omgrrrl- Jessie DID get stung and it was awful. She made a drawing about it which is still on the refrigerator out there. I remember when we were all there together. How can it have been so long ago?

    Christina- They tasted better than they looked.

    Elizabeth and Invisigal- I was fine, my internet was dead.

    Mwa- Life is just busy. I love it when you're here, I miss you when you're away but I UNDERSTAND!


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