Saturday, June 25, 2011

Because I Am So Lazy Today

I could just sit in the yard and take pictures all day. None of them worth a shit, either, but it's such a nice day, the ground still damp, the green so green, the birds so happy.

I tried to convince this man

to stay in the bed with me for the entire day, just being drowsy and dreamy but no, he had to get up and go to work building a sign.
Ah. Lah. That man. So I got up too and we heated up leftovers from last night's dinner out and dined on the back porch.
He doesn't know I took his picture. I feel like Harriet The Spy.

I told you the phlox would soon be blooming. I should really look into planting a variety of a different color, although this color is nice. My yard is filled with it.

It is hard to take a picture of a cardinal. They are very flitty. And flighty.

Oh Elvis. My fine rooster. He and the hens have done a lovely job, the last few days, of weeding out (and fertilizing, I am sure), the kitchen garden.

And I wander around with my camera in my hand and the garden calls.

There are beans which need to be picked

swollen and ready to shell.

The crazy-yard-longs are still growing like crazy (yard-longs).

The cherry tomatoes are bursting, too, and beg to be gathered and et up. Mmmm. Tiny jewels of warm sugar.

Here's a watermelon. It does not require anything of me right now except...oh, if I don't weed, we won't be able to find it to pick when the time comes.

The zinnias (thank-you, Bethany!) are beginning to bloom and the butterflies are dancing around in anticipation.

They, too, would appreciate some weeding. The zinnias, not the butterflies. They do not care at all.

The hens do not require my help but perhaps they are happy about the fresh straw. I told Mr. Moon last night that I had cleaned the coop and put down straw and he said, "I don't want you to put straw down in there."
I said, "I know. But I wanted to."
I was high on pain. He laughed. Not because I was in pain. But because he loves me.

Here's Buddha. He's up to his neck in flowers now. He just laughs and laughs and laughs.

He reminds me to slow down and be happy. I listen.

Then I see this:

Cycle of life, y'all. Cycle of life. The katydid dies, the ants will feast.

Well, I guess I'll put on my overalls and go do something of worth in that garden. It has been so good to us this year, I should do something for it and actually, it makes me so very happy to do so.
But I ain't gonna do it fast. I'm going to take it slow and easy. I'm going to enjoy it.

This is medicine, this is peace, this is good.


  1. Mr. Moon has great arms!

    I love Harriet.

    and that grasshopper picture is wonderful.

  2. 'He doesn't know I took his picture. I feel like Harriet The Spy.'

    I LOVE that line so much! :)

  3. Circle of life, y'all.

    Love your lazy day.

  4. I see you and I share a love for bells...I saw them in the photo with your phlox.

    Cardinals..I have never seen one in real life. So beautiful!

    Those yard long! How do you fix them?

    I just enjoy walking through your garden via your blog.

    (my word verification: bootiost have you noticed the words are getting more odd?)

  5. Oh your yard is like a paradise. Peace abounds in these pictures and I imagine even more so in person.

  6. I've never grown those beans either...have you ever canned them?? I might give them a go next year...

    Love Buddha, love Elvis and LOVE how serious Mr Moon is taking the whole truck/car washing endeavor. lol

  7. Mr. Moon is like eye candy in that photo, Ms. Moon! It makes me giggle.

  8. Maggie May- Oh, that man and his arms. Uh-huh.

    Jo- Heh-heh.

    gradydoctor- I did!

    Ellen- First, yes, I have noticed that about the word verifications. Weird! I do love bells. I am sorry for you, never having seen a cardinal.
    The yard-longs are delicious, picked younger and tender, stir fried or snapped and cooked like "regular" green beans. The shelled beans, when they grow mature, are very fine too. They are great beans to grow! And easy!

    Lora- I am so very lucky to have this yard. It IS my peace.

    Akannnie- I don't see why you couldn't can them. You should try them!

    Ms. Trouble- My own, personal eye-candy. Uh-huh!

  9. Nice photos of summer. The flowers are nice. The veggies are a prize. Much to do here as well. Some things are sliding as we try to juggle all that is going on.

  10. Syd- Well, sometimes SOMETHING has to go. And gardens do not rate over people. Mostly. Which is sort of sad.

  11. Thank you for the photos. I dig the Buddha. Fucker is high on life, man.

    Elvis is one good-looking cock. Laugh. YES, somebody's mind is in the gutter this morning. Okay, it LIVES in the gutter. Whatever.

  12. Mr M looks great in his dungarees.

    The phlox and the cardinals are so pretty.

    Love your place, love you xx


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