Monday, June 6, 2011

Something I Said To My Idol, Ms. Sarcastic-Bastard-Beloved, In An E-Mail Today

I took a walk and I thought I would die. I didn't so I ate a meatloaf sandwich. It was good, too.


  1. It is too hot to do much outdoors. Not even eating seems good at the moment.

  2. Adrienne- Yes. Yes we are.

    Jill- That sandwich was pretty awesome, actually.

    Syd- After I exercise I am starving. I swear. Well, after I cool down a little bit.

    Lora- Didn't die, might as well eat a meatloaf sandwich- right?

  3. I eat baked tempeh sandwiches with catsup and can pretend they're meatloaf if I eat very fast.


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