Saturday, June 25, 2011

An Embarrassment Of Riches

Leftovers of collards and pasta and peas and rice and sea bass and just-picked tomatoes and onions and green beans and cucumbers oh my god.
Too many choices. What to make for supper?

What a day it has been.

On my deathbed I hope to remember it.

Now. If I only had fresh peaches to make a pie.


  1. Okay Ms. Moon - tell you what, what in the world can we do with those little cucumbers? My neighbor brings them to us, and while I *loathe* cucumbers, my darling wife likes them...but, isn't too fond of the taste of these - any suggestions? :-D If anyone is out there to ask, I'm sure you'll have some wisdom on the subject to pass on. And, my thanks to you!

  2. p.s. - the rest of the riches look beautiful!!! If only I could learn to grow such things in our parcel of loveliness. ::sigh:: Maybe someday!

  3. I have last years fresh (?) peaches in my freezer off my front lawn peach trees.

    Will that do?

    I think I may make a pie on Monday for my Irishman to come home to!

  4. Wonderful!

    I must say that I'm very saddened by the lack of fresh food riches here in Liberia - I thought I'd been loaded like you. Instead, the choices are very limited and poor quality and I cannot find housing that has gardening space. Sigh. If I had those things, life would be so much better here! Though never as fabulous as your life in Lloyd.

  5. "AA" - I really like those little cucumbers in salads. My fave is chopped up small with fresh tomatoes and some white wine vinegar and black pepper. Works great on a hummus sandwich or anything like that.

    I find sometimes they're much better without the peel.

  6. thank you for your thoughtful comment.....I picked my first grown-from-seed radish yesturday, not quite a salad yet but soon......!

  7. AA- Well, if your wife doesn't like them- more for you! They are delicious as Nola describes. Also, find a nice sesame/ginger dressing to use on them. That is a fine pairing.

    Akannie- Yes! That would do! I ended up using the rest of last year's blackberries from the freezer and made a blackberry/apple pie. It was awesome.

    Nola- It is odd to think you can't get fresh produce in Liberia. I'm so sorry!
    And yes, that peel can be bitter.

    Young At Heart- Yes- a good start!

  8. Okay, I am going to need you to send that pasta dish over to Lily's tonight for us all to dine on. Yes, that will be necessary.

  9. DTG- Sorry son. It was on the menu last night. Gone now.

  10. NOLA and Ms. Moon, thank you for the suggestions! I've never cared for Cucumbers, I'm afraid, and we hate to not be able to find a proper, good use for them, so will try some of your suggestions.

  11. Looks so good. The garden has been great so far.

  12. AA- You might also like a cold cucumber soup. I'm sure you can find a delicious recipe to try.

    Madame King- I don't enough cukes this year for pickles. Last year it was all cucumbers and no tomatoes. You just never know. I do have some heirloom cukes beginning to bloom and I hope hopes for those. Maybe I'll make a few jars of pickles. I am pretty good at that.

    Syd- Are the tomatoes especially abundant for you too, this year?

  13. How fabulous that YOU grew all that! I would be proud xx


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