Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Life Is So Very Odd

Pawn Stars Meets Bob Dylan.
I mean really. Am I creating my own reality?


  1. Oh my god. I'd die. Absolutely die.

  2. He usually doesn't do stuff like that--sign autographs. Bob is still so cool.

  3. Nicol- Too freaking weird.

    Elizabeth- Bob's crazy. That's all there is to it. He's crazy.

    Syd- Crazy AND cool. Yes.

  4. I remember about 40 years ago, seeing him and thinking (or probably saying out loud to my stoner buddies) .."wow...he is sooo cool. But his voice sucks!"

    And I have always loved him.


  5. Now that my Love is home we can catch up on Pawn Star! I obviously have not seen this one...really Bob Dylan?

  6. Akannie- I know! I always wonder who in hell with a voice like that could imagine that he could grow up to be one of the most famous musicians of all times? And yet, his voice is perfect.

    Ellen- Enjoy!

  7. Bless Bob!

    Pawn Stars has just started here. I must check it out. It goes out the same time the most popular soap in the country so it probably needs some viewers xx


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