Monday, June 13, 2011

Little Boy Walking In Big Red Boots

Oh, what a day and a day and a half and a day but it's okay.
It's all okay.
Finally got over to Mother's and she was throwing hissy fits like she invented them. Life was not to be borne and all was horrible and she was a complete mess.
May was there and my brother Chuck and his wife and Mr. Moon and we all sort of just slipped along the walls, trying to stay out of her way.
I had to get over to the new home to sign some papers and so I took Mother with me and we get that done and then we went up to her room and I showed her around her floor again and nothing made her happy. Nothing. And this was not the place she'd seen before!
And then Mr. Moon and Chuck brought up some of her furniture. Her desk, her bed, her chair. We fit things in and she saw how much more room there was than she'd thought. We went down to the end of the hallway where there's a screened-in porch, a real, honest to god, screened-in porch and there are seats and so many plants and ceiling fans and wind chimes and a fountain, tinkling, tinkling and there was a breeze and the view was of trees and acres of trees and I said, "Well. This is where I'd live."
And she calmed down. She was soothed. She will be able to go outside in the fresh air without going downstairs. Yes.
And suddenly, things were completely different. Her room was proclaimed, "so nice," and she realized she had enough wall space for as many pictures as she wanted and there was her desk- her desk! and her chair and her footstool and her little rug and everyone was so nice and just like that, the switch flipped, she felt so much better, she got up out of her chair without complaining about her knees, she quit talking about how dizzy she was, she smiled, she laughed. We went and got some take-out supper and took it over to her house and she and Mr. Moon and Chuck and I ate and she was as bubbly as she could be.
She's not spending the night in her new home tonight. We just didn't get started soon enough but she will tomorrow night. I think she is absolutely looking forward to it. I think she is going to be happy. I truly do.
And when she said that she thought she was really going to like it, Mr. Moon actually teared up and said, "I am so glad to hear you say that."
I didn't tear up. Believe me.
But I was glad to hear her say that.

So the men were going to move two more of the heavy pieces and then finish up tomorrow.
I have Owen at six. It will be dark and hopefully, he'll come back to bed with me when he gets here in the morning. "Dark," he'll say. "Light," and I'll say, "No, no light. Come get in the bed with me and Bop and Zeke. It'll be light soon."
He'll cuddle up and we'll go back to sleep and then another day will truly begin again.

We'll get my mother settled, we'll figure out what to do with the rest of the stuff in her house and get that sold. All will be well.

It's been a tremendous amount of work and Mr. Moon's done 99% of it and I am so proud of him. He has not taken on this task through anything but love and respect. That's the sort of man he is.

And I'm tired and I doubt I'll get around to answering comments or reading any of your blogs tonight and maybe not much tomorrow either but I know you understand.

For that, I thank you with all of my heart and for all of the encouragement you've given me, all of the calming down of my own hissy fits you've done.

I love you...Ms. Moon


  1. The tears in Mr Moon's eyes---what a wonderful man. To your mother I wish serenity and to you a good night's rest. Owen has quite a balletic turnout in your red boots!

  2. love to you in all of life's ugly beautiful.

  3. We got home late today, but I will call ya tomorrow. I'm so glad things ended on a good note, and I'm glad more of the family was there with you. I sort of got the idea you were flying solo today.

    I did giggle at the part where you said she was throwing hissy fits like she invented them... Not because it's funny, but the way you said it sure was.

    Sleep well, and great job everyone.

  4. I am so glad that your mother is happy in her new place. I found that my mother adjusted well and loved being in her place. She was the belle of the ball.

  5. I ditto Deb's comment. So glad it's "turning out" well.

  6. Owen's picture is priceless!

    I hope your mother will settle in well to her new place. Bless Mr. Moon for all he has done. Hugs to you...I know it isn't easy.

  7. I picture Owen singing the song, "I wanna be a cowboy. And you can be my cowgirl".

    Yes and yes. Your mom will settle and wonder why she did not do this sooner. In time you will call her and she won't answer because she will be off galavanting (my mom's word for roaming around and having fun) and you will have to call her late in the evening just to talk to her. And she will be OK. And so will you!

  8. Really good to hear this. I hope your mom leaves her switch on the happy attitude.

  9. It must be unsettling for your mom to have to move and start a new period in life... But so great to hear that she and you all got through the day and that the ending was positive... Your mom will adapt, it sounds like a good place, and you all will be knowing that she is happy where she is now. Mr Moon is a rock... Glad you have him! And glad he has you...

  10. That Mr. Moon...

    I'm glad she's ok about it. Makes it easier on you. Hard stuff.


  11. Christ, the moms is like Sybil or some shit--HAPPY SAD HAPPY SAD. Holy shit.

  12. Just hugs and cuddles for you...trying times, but still full of the tiny miracles of love.


  13. Oh I know how your mom feels with that switch flipping. And I know how y'all feel before that happens.

    Mr. Moon is so much more a rock star than Keith what's his name.

  14. Big stuff going on in your life Mary. Big Stuff. Big changes and I know you have to be stressed. Hoping that the complete move in goes well. Be patient...don't expect a miracle of your mom taking to the new home every day. She will start the typical complaining just because of her age.

    Mr. Moon is your hero!

  15. "I didn't tear up. Believe me.
    But I was glad to hear her say that."

    Oh that's good! What a turn around from not even recognising it! Bless Mr Moon. I love you xx


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