Saturday, June 18, 2011

Done. So Very Done.

I am so fucking done it's not even slightly amusing.

I think I took seven bags of trash to the trash place. SEVEN! And yes, some of that stuff could have been given away. Guess what? So what? I struck while the iron was sizzling. I threw out floppy disks! Floppies, y'all! I threw out old computer games and I threw out old insurance shit from insurance companies we haven't been associated with in YEARS!
I threw out all of the papers that I'd compiled when I was helping my friend Lynn go into assisted living. Department of Children and Families. Lists of homes that would take her. Copies of so many forms. Correspondence with her family.
Gone. Gone, so very, very fucking gone.
I opened desk drawers and was ruthless. I opened one drawer and found what had to have been a mouse nest. Yes. I admit that. What? You don't have drawers you haven't opened in years? Well good for you. I wish I did not.
I threw away cords for computers that haven't worked in forever. Same with software for them. I thew out all sorts of cords.How many telephone cords does one family need? How many dead routers? How many broken candles? How many old magazines, no matter how great they are/were? Yes! If a disaster happens and I can't get my hands on reading material for years, I will regret throwing those out.
I have a feeling though, that if that sort of disaster happens, I'll regret a lot more than that, and I'll be too busy trying to grow WHEAT and figuring out how to grind it to read old magazines. So...gone.
Travel guides to the Yucatan from 1996. Gone. Some book that one of my children left here which was an entire tome of anatomy based on a FETAL PIG! Gone! You know what else? I threw out CD's. Yes I did.
I also found some Stones CD's that I didn't know I had so that was cool. Voodoo Lounge. Steel Wheels, A Bigger Bang.
Rock on, motherfuckers!
I threw out so much shit and I wish I had the courage to throw out more.
Well, I am girding my loins. It will happen.

Mr. Moon called. He's coming home tonight instead of tomorrow. One of his fishing buddies is an older guy who isn't feeling well so they're heading on home. No money-winning this year. Oh well. It'll be good to see him, that father-of-my-children. One thing I did find while I was cleaning out was a letter that his mama sent to me before she'd even met me. It was so precious that I might just copy it out here tomorrow.

I haven't bought a thing for Father's Day either for him or Jason. I did get Mr. Moon a card. Ah well. I'll probably just "play my cards right" as Lis and I say about making our husbands happy. It's an old joke, but it always makes us laugh. We know our men. A hearty breakfast wherein biscuits are involved and playing our cards right. That'll do. I might even go make up some angel biscuit dough right now to make sure that the breakfast is the best it can be. Angel biscuits, deer sausage, eggs and sliced tomatoes. And of course that clean bathroom and the clean sheets. I didn't sleep on his side of the bed so that's still pristine. And the house smells of Murphy's Oil soap and furniture polish. And his towel is clean!
Happy Father's Day!

I think I better go take a shower first, though. And I need to get started on those peas. They're just lying there, not shelling themselves, damn them. And what to cook for supper?

I'm exhausted. Do you think a martini and a Publix spinach organic pizza would do for a man-pleasing supper?

I hope so. 'Cause I am DONE!

It's been fun, discussing cleaning and purging and tossing and keeping with all of you today. I've felt like we've all been in this together.
Now let's all have a beverage, take a shower, and kick back.
Shell some peas. Watch some TV. Play our cards right if we're in the mood.

God. I'm too tired to come up with an ending.

Later....Ms. Moon


  1. I went out and swept up all the shit outside on both my ...porches. I use that word very lightly, being as I live in a basement and those porches are half underground and serve primarily as a repository for stuff that makes its way down there.

    I found dead mice, so I guess I'd rather have found the nest! But maybe not inside my house...

    Anyway, I've got chicken legs in the oven and I'm about to have a beer. Good saturday.

  2. I think when you get rid of stuff it makes way for new stuff to enter your life. I think it is both physical and emotional and psychic. I do.

    I made a baked ziti the first time ever and it was more complicated than lasagna almost and I'm fucking sorry I started it but damn it smells good.


  3. HAHAHA! I wrote both for three things. And I'm a writer. Both at home and at My Glamorous Job. HAHAHA!

    Rebecca Not Caring

  4. I just bought a bottle of Tequila and a bottle of Triple Sec at the Smart and Final. I rarely drink and I've been working on the same bottle for years and years, so this is big.

    You've inspired me.

  5. SJ- Would those be "stoops"? Mice. Whatever.
    Good Saturday to you, too, love.

    Madame Radish King- Hmmm. That sounds so damn good. Baked ziti. Well, I'm about to cook all sorts of vegetables to go on a frozen pizza. Mr. Moon and I are both so damn tired that we'll eat it like it was Italian gourmet. "Just" is one of my favorite words. Love you, baby.

    Elizabeth- Oh Lord. I'm an enabler. Enjoy!

  6. We need to do a ruthless culling of things as well. That old computer stuff needs to go.

  7. Syd- Next step for me- getting rid of old computers. Dang. It's hard. But we need to do it.

  8. Ms. Moon, you are awesome! Do you know how happy it makes me to know that people have mouse nests in their homes? This is one of the reason I read you blog, this is why your blog sings. Because you are so fucking amazingly down-to-earth and real.

  9. This just grabs me. I love throwing out old crap. Love it. Love you.

  10. shit if we had found a mouse nest, i would of been feeding the damn things and tony would of been finding me a little water bottle for them. enjoy your man and your pizza. we went to a car show today and now we are both not doing our homework and pissing about on the interwebz.


  11. Birdie- Oh hell. I live out in the country. Mice are bound to make nests in the house in winter. I am not ashamed of this fact. We co-exist. That is the way it is. You too, I might imagine.

    Lisa- It feels so good, doesn't it?

    Mrs. A- This nest was done with its purpose. I shall try to remember this winter to check those drawers. I'll try....
    Our pizza was wonderful. I cooked tomatoes and eggplant and onions and leeks and garlic to put on top. Also a few leftover shrimp. Can't get much better than that. Love to you both.

  12. Hey,

    Good for you purging like that! I know it's hard to get started and takes a lot of energy to keep it going. I get exhausted just questioning myself the whole time... "Will I regret throwing this away??" "Hmmmm...?"

    But it sounds like you are clearing the way for new and better energy and objects to flow in to your space... How exciting! I wonder what it/they will be! I'm sure it/they will be splendid whatever they are.

    Cheers and goodnight.

  13. Can you come over and help me do this? And, ferchrissakes, I just had a garage sale!!! What, did the stuff creep over here in the dark and clutter up the place again???

  14. I would bet money that a big hug and an 'I love you' would make Mr. Moon very happy on Fathers day.

    I am probably going to be throwing out/donating most of my possessions soon. A big life altering career change that will mean I will need a room somewhere here for 10 days after 32 days on the job in a 7000 person camp. Hell, maybe I will just travel or visit my Sisters on days off. I dunno yet.

    All the very best to you Ms. Moon.

  15. Mm. I hope you bask in the space, the new possibilities of not adding jack shit and just letting the stuff that actually means something stretch its legs. :)

  16. I have drawers I haven't opened in years. I'm not too damn proud to admit it.

  17. I cleaned out three drawers in the kitchen the other day and it felt great. BUTTTTTT I had 2 old cell phone chargers and it really "hurt" to throw them away but they're gone. Why does a charger only fit ONE phone, never ever can you use the same one for anything else. Rip off...........

  18. That is an excellent idea. I keep purging a little and then Babes holds me back because we are happy to throw things out but different things. Next week, he's going for a trip. :-) He may find his house considerably emptier when he gets back.


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