Monday, June 20, 2011

I Am So Proud

Of course there are like three times this amount left to pick in the garden.
Well. Still.
I'm pretty happy with all those pretty little peas.


  1. Peas don't come already shelled and in cans? Then what were those olive-drab round things my mother used to feed me?

  2. As well you should be!
    Love the fish over the door.

  3. Lucy- It IS confusing. Here in the south we call a lot of legumes "peas." There are field peas and white acre peas and black-eyed peas and so forth. Sometimes peanuts are even referred to as "goober peas" although not by anyone I personally know.

    Ms. Planting- That is a real tarpon mount that a friend of ours found in a garage of a house he bought and gave us. The birds nest on it in the spring.

  4. Wow, you're so ahead of us in the NW. We had 12 kinds of lettuce in out salad.

  5. an excellent photo. the composition!

    --and i will randomly mention that i am now reading SHAKEY, the biography of Neil Young (and i'm listening to ARCHIVES while I'm at it---)

    and i thought of you, when reading a snip of an essay NY wrote, as a schoolboy, on the subject of his love for his chickens. & also when he talks about rock. if you haven't read it, i can say i at least endorse the first 86 pages.

  6. Yay~ I hope you watched some really bad TV while you shelled!

  7. I can remember sitting on the porch with my mother and grandmother as they shelled peas. I ate a bunch of the raw ones!

  8. Yeeeeah! You did it! And the dogs didn't eat them xx


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