Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ah. Fuck No.

According to reports, Clarence Big Man Clemons died today.
My sympathy to his family. My sympathy to the world.

I'm so sad. Jesus. I'm so sad.


  1. Well, I'm glad that you were the one who told me.

    I'm sad, too.

    I stood next to him with his arm around me at a benefit for epilepsy many years ago. What a joyful man.

  2. What a song...what a sorry for the loss of a fine musician.

  3. I had not heard until seeing your post. So very sad. Seeing him on stage was the most significant memory of my youth.

  4. Yup, heard it on the radio.

    Dang it.

  5. And the circle of life continues.

  6. ah thats really sad news....

    but he was very sick since a long time..:-(

  7. My husband and I cried in each others arms when we heard this. We loved him so, it felt like a family member had passed. The 6 times we were in this man's presence... well it was just magical. When Clarence stepped forward for his sax solo, the emotion of pure joy filled me. And the loss of that is why the world feels so much darker and sadder tonight. The Big Man is gone.

  8. DTG- I know.

    Elizabeth- Lucky you to have been so close to such a font of love.

    Omgrrrl- Amen.

    Syd- I cried a lot last night.

    Ellen- Yep.

    Tamara- One of mine, too.

    Beth- Hard to believe.

    Andrew- He is pure white light now. That's what he said would happen and I have no doubt that it did.

    Danielle- I know. But it seemed like when he played, he was in no pain.

    Angie D- I only got to see him live twice but it was enough. Pure joy. You're right.

  9. What a huge mark he made. I am sad I never saw him live. Have good journey big man.

  10. It's so sad when our people die- our inspiration people, our music people. I'm sorry to hear he's gone.

  11. Brother Wrecking Ball- Yeah, you missed out on something magic. Sorry.

    Madame Radish King- I know. I know.

    See Kate Run- They are the link to something very profound which we need so very much. I think that.


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