Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday and So What

By the miracle of the hose and the sprinkler the phlox have started to bloom. I brought slips of these over from my last yard, seven years ago and they have taken over which is fine with me. They stand almost as tall as I am and for months my yard will be lavender-pink.
They don't ask much. Just a little water. The kind of gardening I love.

I'm going to town today to take Mother to see her doctor so that he can fill out the forms to get her into the assisted living place. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.
I'll be so glad when this is over, when she's comfy and cozy in her new digs.
I hope she thrives there like my phlox have thrived here, is able to find her way around, make new friends, enjoy being with old friends who are there. I hope she blooms and blossoms.

And that's all I have to say. It's hot and getting hotter. The sky is clear, no rain in sight. I feel as dull as old mud and I apologize for that. It's just that nothing, right now, seems okay and the paper is filled with all the cuts the state has made to our environment, our beautiful natural places, springs and forests, and to schools and services and some days it's just hard to find the comfort one should take in what is directly around them, the sweetness of the birdsong, the strength of the limbs and hands, the color of the phlox one has so carefully tended.


  1. Your phlox are beautiful.

    I love you!

  2. I've been around in the shadows, Ms Moon. It's good to visit again, if only to gasp at the idea that you there are enduring the heat, while we here in Melbourne, Australia are beginning to shiver.

  3. Oh, good morning. We have the same sort of headlines in our paper on the other coast. Grim, indeed. But the sun is shining as usual and I'm getting ready to make a coffee.

    Love to you.

  4. Yes, all the good things are getting cut. What has a Republican done for the environment lately?

  5. I can't bear to read the paper anymore. It's just too depressing and I don't need any help being depressed!

  6. Someday I will get phlox to naturalize in my yard. I love their light cinnamon smell. You are an inspiration! x0 N2

  7. The phlox is lovely and hope your mother does thrive in her new home. One of the reasons we quit getting the paper is because it is depressing. I know I can't bury my head in the sand about what is going on in the world but sometimes it ruins my day hearing how disturbing things are sometimes. So I just play with Kyle and Tank and we live in our happy little bubble.

  8. Your beautiful phlox, flowering under your tender nurturing care, just as your mother is. Roles reversed, mother becomes child and vice versa. You are nurturing your mother and easing her transition selflessly. Your strength is inspirational. Hard times, but you will survive because that's what you/us women do. Strength is not merely physical, it is emotional and mental and psychological and you have it in abundance. "This too will pass"! :) x

  9. My phlox have not bloomed yet, just to cool for them. But yes, I do remember what they look like and yours are lovely.

    Yes, all the bad news of cuts. We have state parks that will make it through this summer but next year many will be closed. It is awful and I worry how they will keep these parks beautiful and clean because you know people will sneak in. How long will they be closed? Don't know...this economy nightmare just keeps on going.

  10. Ms. Bastard-Beloved- They are. And I have had so little to do with them. Give them to the dirt, water them, let them grow.
    I love you too.

    Elisabeth- Isn't it funny how we can inhabit the same earth? What you write reminds me that no matter the temperature, yes, we do.

    Elizabeth- We are joined.

    Lois- I know.

    Syd- Not one damn thing but to help its destruction.

    N2- I can't smell mine at all! I will check it out.

    Mr. Shife- And what a beautiful bubble it is.

    Sandy- I am doing my best. Not always with grace, either. But still. My best.

    Ellen- It's so hard. What do we do but keep on living our lives?

  11. Oh Mary I've missed you! I'm lying in bed so I shall catch up with your posts now, backwards as usual.

    The phlox are gorgeous! I hope your mother thrives just like them too.

    Hope you took it easy, it sounds far too hot there. I love you xx


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