Friday, June 10, 2011


Owen loves to arrange things. He loves to move the little bird and Buddha and frog from one spot to another. Although I do insist that Buddha must stay with his flowers, the frog and the bird are up for whatever design whims my grandson might have.
Last week he stashed the bird in the hose thingee sitting on the edge of the deck. Today he said, "Bird," and went and found it and decided to move it to where Buddha sits. While there, he had to rearrange Buddha. Don't ask me why. He just did.
Here he is with frog, whom I had completely forgotten was sitting in the midst of the flowers. I had forgotten, but Owen had not.

Do you see what he's dressed in? It...almost matches. His daddy got him dressed this morning. All day my brain tried and tried to make the two madras plaids match. My brain lost the challenge. I finally took off the shorts and put some blue ones on him. They were really too small but it had to be done.

He was a pistol today. About eleven thirty he told me that he wanted to go night-night. Now I don't know about you, but none of my own kids EVER told me they wanted to go night-night. Okay, maybe Jessie.
"Really, Owen?" I asked him. "You want to go night-night?"
"Uh-huh!" he said.
So I made him a bottle and changed his diaper and we got Big Bear and Zeke and the books he wanted to read and laid down on the bed and turned on the fans and covered up and we read the books and he hugged my neck and I sang him the rainbow song and told him the nap story which is the story I tell him about all the animals we see every day and how they get so sleepy and need to take a nap and by the end of it, he was asleep, his head on my shoulder, and I was weeping. Seriously. Weeping at the sweetness of Owen.

He woke up about an hour later and said, "Down!" and I woke up too and we got down and I said, "Do you want some lunch?" and he said, "Uh-HUH!" and we went to the kitchen and while I was fixing his lunch he became Owen Monster and threw his juice down on the floor and then proceeded to throw everything down on the floor that he could get his hands on.
"Owen!" I said. "Do you want a time out?"
"No," he peeped.
"Well then, stop it!"
And he got in his high chair and ate his lunch of noodles and salad and a muffin. We played some more and his games are getting more and more complex. He "hides" from me, leaning up beside the bed in the guest room and says, "Where at?" and I have to guess where he is.
"Is Owen on a plane?" I ask.
"No," he says.
"Is Owen on a train?"
"Is Owen on a boat in the river?"
"Uh-HUH!" and we go from there.
Take my word for this- it's hysterical.

Finally it was time for Mama to come and get him and Bop got here at the same time. Lily wanted Bop to help her cut his bangs and so Bop did.

He was drinking what was leftover from his breakfast smoothie while sitting on his mama's lap during the bang-cutting session.

I got out the camera and he gave me a doleful glare.

Isn't he beautiful? That boy. That makes-me-weep-with-the-sweetness-do-you-want-a-time-out boy.

I swear to you- there is no joy on this earth like watching your grandchild learn new things and doing things with them. Like taking your grandson to pick beans and tomatoes and gather eggs and giving the chickens their corn and laying down with them and telling them the story of how every thing naps in the middle of the day as they fall asleep in your arms.

And if there is, I sure as hell haven't been given a glimmer of it. Except, of course, for doing those things with my own children.

Well. That's me. Reporting in from Grandmother-hood.

Happy Friday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I dream that this is in my future.

  2. I would be crying next to my (future) grandchild to as I watch them would be a dream of blissfulness.

    I loved this post today...made me feel good..and the plaids, well I understood. Men and plaids, I do believe they see differently than us.

  3. Maggie May- It is.

    Ellen- Just you wait. You won't believe it.

  4. Oh, I laughed at the plaids too, I did the same as you, trying to make a match in my brain. Owen was rocking them, even if they didn't quite match.
    I'm going to cry sitting right here, thinking how unlikely it is that I'll have those kinds of sweet moments with my baby's babies. Who know's, maybe I'll live to be really old.... anyway, got to finish growing these babies up anyway, so it matters not how old I am. But I understand your tears, I do. It's just too sweet to bear without leaky eyes.
    Thanks for letting me live vicariously through your grandbaby days. Owen is an amazing, adorable, busy little man. I love that he asked to take a nap!

  5. You paint such a joyous portrait of grandmother hood and childhood rolled into one, Ms Moon. It's such a joy to read.

    Sorry I have not been around much of late. I'm here but preoccupied with other tasks - thesis writing.

    Soon it will be complete and I will be able to visit more regularly again. In the meantime, best wishes.

  6. Mel- Oh darling. You'll get the chance. I betcha.

    Elisabeth- When you're here, I am happy. When you're not, I miss you. It's all okay. Love you.

  7. DTG- I'm a bit surprised he still has all his toes, fingers, and both ears. And cheeks. My god. The willpower it takes not to bite those cheeks right off him....

  8. How could that little boy be a bad boy? I guess we all have those moments.

  9. Syd- He's not a bad boy. Just a human boy.

  10. I can't believe how he's grown, Ms. Moon. He is so beautiful!

  11. The first thing I noticed when I saw the first photo was the plaid ensemble. Oh my, I thought. Maybe his father dressed him! I burst out laughing when you actually confirmed that and changed his shorts! I always tell my friends that if I did, would they mind coming over and making sure my children have on decent clothing and don't embarrass themselves?

    Love the post.

    And I, too, hope this is in my future.

  12. He is so dern cute and earnest!!

    I wish all Mier Miers felt like you do about their grand babies. sigh.

    You are special.

  13. A beautiful day indeed Ms. Moon. When I read posts like this I swear you have a camera into my life with Kyle because we have days just like this all the time. Have yourself a wonderful weekend and thank you for sharing the awesomeness that is Owen.

  14. I would have had to change those shorts too! You are right about the joy. I have my 3 year old granddaughter this weekend and she woke me up at 5:30 this morning by scratching my back and kissing my face!

  15. oh i feel so much better that you changed the shorts! funny.
    lovely pics, lovely life.
    the haircut is super sweet too.

  16. Angie- I know! He's a little dude now. Not a baby.

    Elizabeth- Yep. Daddy dressed him. Men just do not notice such things. Isn't that odd? I bet this WILL be your future. Get those boys raised up and find them some nice women. Things will unfold beautifully!

    Ms. Fleur- I don't understand how they don't. I swear.

    Mr. Shife- You are such a GOOD daddy. But please make you sure you don't dress Kyle in mismatched plaids, okay?

    Lois- Well, if you have to wake up at 5:30, that would be the best way.

    Bethany- Aren't I lucky? Yes.

  17. LOL. When my kids were small my my used to let my kids rearrange things too. She also used to never clean the sliding glass window because it was filthy with kids finger prints and it made her happy. Only a grandmother!
    And Owen is so incredibly cute. I don't how he contains it in one small body.

    I am wondering if your new follower is still following after this post. I know! We can all have a contest to see who can write the most offensive post and make people stop following. But I love the people that read my blog but it would be an interesting experiment.

  18. Oh, I'm quite behind in your postings, and trying to catch up.

    You and the boy are so sweet. He will love his Mer-Mer and Bop forever, even when he has those times when he doesn't like mom and dad.

  19. Love the photos. He is a sweet doll.

  20. How did I miss this? I love his little shorts, shirt and sandals summer outfit. Sweet! What a great Grandmaw day. x0 N2

  21. I'm loving Owen's outfit! He is growing up SO quickly.

    How lovely is the time you spend together? I would probably not be as cool as you with the Owen Monster bit, but you are absolutely brilliant! Love you xx


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