Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Another Family Birthday, Another Part Of A Dream Come True

This morning if I have a mantra it is this:
I can't, I can't, I can't.
I am the anti-Little Engine That Could.

I can't go to town again and do everything that I am supposed to do.

I am a wimp and my back hurts.

Guess what?
I maybe can't but I will.

So it goes.

Today is Jason's birthday. Jason is the Daddy of Owen. Jason is the Husband of Lily. Jason is my beloved son-in-law. Jason was born and therefore Owen was born but there is so much more to Jason than just being the baby-daddy. Jason is the baby-tender, the baby-diaper-changer, the cooker-of-dinner when Lily is working, the man who puts down new floors, who plants grass, who goes to work and comes home and does all of these things.
Jason sings Owen to sleep. Jason holds out his arms and says, "You going to kiss me before I go?"
Jason can cut up the deer, Jason can kiss boo-boo's, Jason can smile that sleepy smile of his and he makes Lily happy.

I love Jason so much. He is part of this crazy family now and he is a Good Man and they are hard to find and they are precious to know and we are grateful, grateful to Jason and we love him.

Happy birthday, Jason.
I will be seeing you this afternoon when I come to tend that boy you have given me the honor of being the grandmother of. Thank-you for making all of our dreams come true. You. You have done that.
I hope that in doing so, you have made your own come true.

And it is family that gets me out of the bed, that when I can't, helps me with I can, and Jason is part of us, part of the reason I can get out of bed. Part of the reason I go on and want to be the best grandmother ever. Part of the reason for my very being.

I have said so many times that there is nothing on this earth I have ever wanted except to have a good family and here I am with just that.

My husband and my children have pitched in to help my mother and tonight Hank is going to babysit Owen so that Lily and Jason can go down the road for a beer to celebrate Jason's birthday and I take care of Owen so that his parents can work and pay the mortgage and Mr. Moon works to make sure we have what we need and here we all are, each one of us a piece of the whole, not one of us is expendable.
And we love each other.

This is the miracle of why I can.

Because some days, it takes a miracle and luckily, I have one- this family.

Happy birthday, Jason. We love you.


  1. I hope that Jason has a great birthday. And that you enjoy your day as well.

  2. Happy Birthday, Jason! I wish you many, many more.



  3. Happy Birthday, Jason :)

    You are clearly getting it all so right!

  4. I wouldn't even have to read this to know Jason must be a great guy, because Lily picked him.

    WV: fellyr


  5. What a lucky duck you are Mz Moon, not to mention all your family too.

    I can only think that the gods danced the day you were born, knowing what was in store for you.

  6. What a lovely family you are!

    A very Happy Birthday to Jason xx

  7. Sorry I'm late, Happy Birthday Jason, father of a boy who makes all of us smile.


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