Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hurricane Season Begins Today. Oh Boy.

I'm already sweating and I haven't done a thing yet today.
Sit and sweat. Order of the day.
Nah, not really. I have to go to town.
And I guess I really do have a husband. He just called and will be home tonight. I'm a bit tizzy-headed at the thought. Not tizzy-headed as in, "Oh boy! I need to shave my legs," but tizzy-headed as in...oh Lord. What shall I make for supper?
Despite the fact that I have eaten curried vegetables for three nights now, there are still plenty left over. But Mr. Moon is not exactly a fan of the curry. I have gotten lazy while he's been gone. Work in the garden until eight, come in, wash off, heat the curried vegetables.

He told me that he just cannot figure out how they can make food look so gorgeous in Las Vegas and yet, so tasteless. That even the bacon had no flavor.
Well, it's all done with smoke and mirrors, even the food. I guess.
Tasteless bacon is definitely wrong. So I guess at this point he'd be happy with some fresh tomato and basil pasta.
I can do that.

I think we could eat out of the freezer and garden for a month. Well, mostly.

I'm procrastinating. I don't want to go to town. I think I'll cut up some watermelon and eat it for breakfast and take some to the poor, penned up chickens. Last night after the hens had gone to roost, Elvis paced up and down in front of the hen house, hoping that Shalayla would turn up. I swear. He finally gave up and went inside and I went in and said goodnight to the three remaining hens, the rooster.
"I'm sorry," I said. "I'm so sorry."

They just looked at me through sleepy, dark-blind eyes and blinked a little.

Don't tell me they don't know.

They know.

Well. Onward. I wish I lived on a river. Even a shallow creek. I'd go down to it and take off my clothes and lay on my back on the white-sand bottom, let the tea-colored water wash over me, take my sins and worries and crazies and sweat right off me, bring me relief and glory as I looked up into the sky.

Well, my sins and worries and crazies aren't that bad. The sweat? It's June 1 and that's just the way it is. A shower will do.

As always...Ms. Moon


  1. Yes, June 1. Hard to believe that not that long ago we were reading about cashmere. I am hoping for rain here as well. The garden is going crazy with all kinds of good stuff to eat.

  2. I hope you find a cool spot to rest today. Tasteless bacon is quite the puzzler.

  3. The river idea sound beautiful. But then there'd be floods. And perhaps many more mosquitoes?

  4. Every year the heat seems to bother me even more. I hate the sweating most of all and sometimes even a shower doesn't help!

  5. let me enable you to procrastinate some more! come on over, i left the door wide open.....

  6. I hope the hurricanes pass Lloyd by. I hope you get cool today and I hope your pasta with tomatoes and basil is delicious. I hope Mr. Moon and you have a lovely reunion.

  7. Watermelon for breakfast. That sounds so delicious! As do leftover curried homegrown vegetables...

  8. So sorry about Ms Shalayla bird. She was a goodie.

    I'll say a chicken prayer for her safe passage...

  9. Syd- Cashmere? The idea makes me want to faint.
    Garden IS good this year. Now if only my peppers would do something.

    Lora- I know!

    Jo- There's a downside to everything.

    Lisa- In front of a fan in the AC.

    Lois- I know. It seems impossible but you can sweat in a shower.

    rebecca- I'm headed over.

    Elizabeth- Oh. Me too!

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- And that is plenty, baby.

    A- And popcorn for lunch.

    Ms. Fleur- Sigh...

  10. How lovely Mr Moon is coming back. I'm sure he'll be happy with whatever you cook him.

    I'm terrible in too much heat so I feel for you.

    We had a heatwave the first year I met The Actor. We bought one of these and jumped in it regularly

    I put a few handfuls of sea salt in it so it lasted longer. Best pool I've ever had. I bought a pool last year but I was never great with measurements - it was enormous and took up the entire garden. I gave it away to someone who had room and they love it thankfully. You could always say it's for Owen too xx


  12. Christina- We have that same pool! Ha! We just need to get it out, clean it up, blow it up and fill it up.

    DTG- HEAVEN!!!!!!


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