Monday, August 1, 2016

Old Friends

Went for a walk. Didn't die.
Might go to the river later with Lily and the kidlings.
Beyond that- most boring person in the world.
Today, at least.

Tomorrow an old friend is coming in. I met her through Hank, I think, although maybe through a tenant we had when we lived in a place with a basement apartment- a situation I do not recommend at all. There were no problems with the gal who might have been the one to introduce us to Emily, but with many others, up to and including the guy who almost burned the whole house down when he passed out after a crack binge and left a pot on the stove.
Good times.

Anyway, Emily is coming in because when she went to her wife's mother's funeral (I think) a few months ago, she got a speeding ticket in Jefferson County and has to come back for court because she was going way over the limit. Or something. I'm a bit vague on these details BUT I am so looking forward to seeing our Emily. The first marriage ceremony I ever performed was for Emily and Anita and this was WAY before it was legal to marry someone of the same gender. But this was a very real wedding and even took place in a church (Unitarian) and they are still married, now legally as well as truly, and I haven't seen either one of them in years although Emily and I are FB friends.

Emily is just one of those people. I adore her and I feel no trepidation whatsoever about all the time which has passed since we last saw each other. I remember once, right after May had gotten home from the hospital after being hit by a car, I, being insane I suppose, had decided that she would feel so much better if she got a bath. I do believe we had a bath seat and I got her onto that from the wheelchair (she was so injured- I really can't stand to talk about this even now, twenty-some years later) and it was a ridiculous idea and I couldn't figure out how to get her back into the wheelchair because she was feeling woozy after the bath, which...duh.
And then, like an angel, Emily magically appeared and said, "Oh, I got this," and she did. She got May safely out of the tub and into the wheelchair and we got her dressed and back in bed and I will never forget that.

And so tomorrow I'll get to see her in real life. Her Facebook posts always make me laugh and I'm glad we've been in touch that way at least, but it will be so good to see her beautiful smile, to get to hug her.

Dang. No matter how hard I try to be an agoraphobic hermit, people just keep insisting that I get out in the world or meet up with them and have fun and shit like that.

Which is what keeps me sane. Well, sane being a relative term.

Love. It does a body good.

Yours truly...Ms. Moon


  1. old friends are good. there is a level of comfort there even if lots of time has passed.

  2. We are communal beings. As much as you and I might try to be hermits we are surrounded by people who won't let that happen and how lucky we are for that.

  3. You will have a fabulous visit with your friend, I can tell, with your connections going way back.


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