Wednesday, August 31, 2016


We watched most of another episode of "Stranger Things" last night because dammit, EVERYONE LIKES IT!
I say, "most of another episode" because neither one of us could hang for the entire thing.
Yes, yes, I know it's supposed to be an homage to 80's movie terror and ET and Poltergeist and all that stuff but to me it just seems derivative and distractingly so.
But the main thing that I dislike about it is simply the acting. On the whole, I think it sucks.


On to whatever comes next.


  1. I love your review and will stay away. Terror movies simply heighten the fear I already live with. Being started and adrenaline can really suck sometimes.

    Yesterday somebody recommended Tony Robbins, I am Not Your Guru. I got about 1 minute in and was totally disgusted. I lasted 10 minutes before I turned it off. What an arrogant fuck he is. Loud, obnoxious and arrogant. He sure isn't my guru. My guru would teach love, humility, kindness, living a quiet life and performing random acts of kindness wherever you go. But then, I am the one with all the problems. Maybe he is right. But a ticket is $4,500 so I will ever find out.

  2. I agree. I gave that 10 minutes and then out of there.
    Here's one you might like on Netflix - The Nightingale.
    It's a lovely story about a grandfather and his granddaughter.
    Visually beautiful as well.

  3. Oh, okay, it's a horror series. Didn't know that. Pass.

  4. I wasn't terribly impressed with it either. I'm glad I'm not alone in thinking the acting is bad. If I want to indulge in 80s movie nostalgia, I'll just watch some 80s movies!

  5. My hubs tried to get me to watch it with him...He's always looking for stuff we can watch together all cozy like. In the first episode when the monster came out of the pool, I was out of there in a flash. Hubs was fast with the remote but not fast enough. No thank you, that visual stuff stays with me too long and gets added to my nightmares. It's weird, cause I can read stuff much more gory/scary than I can watch.

  6. I read up on that show because it seems to be the thing to watch. And I quickly said nope. Not my cup of tea at all!

  7. Well, I must say, we LOVED it. But vive le difference, right? :)

  8. I know a couple others who agreed totally about the derivativeness and plot holes.

    I loved the kids and the nostalgia. I agree about the plot holes and the fact that it's probably there to sell itself as a lucrative Netflix series with cliffhangers, but I wasn't expecting anything much from it, so I suppose I must have turned off my disbelief/critical capacity. I did really enjoy it. I loved the kids.

    But... one man's meat, eh? For example, I thought How I met Your Mother was awful, but half the world seemed to love it.


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