Thursday, August 4, 2016

Fun-Filled Day Of Adventure. Or, This Happened

The grands were coming over this afternoon so I did some stretches, a little yoga, and then took Ibuprofen and laid on the couch and prayed to the gods of reality TV that I'd feel better before they got here and something worked because I did and now I'm thinking it was the Ibuprofen because I feel shitty again.
Too bad I haven't lost my appetite.

Anyway, the kids did come over and a few things happened.

This came first. Gibson got the Lincoln Logs canister stuck on his head. I thought we were going to have to call the midwife to get it off but we managed. 
I know. I shouldn't have stopped to take his picture but I was pretty sure he wasn't in mortal danger. Or pain either, for that matter. 

Peanut butter cookies. We made them. This is how. 

They were delicious and had green sprinkles on them. I found Gibson eating two at once in the bathroom after I told him he couldn't eat any more. 
Punishment was swift and terrible. 
And if you believe that, you haven't been around here very long. 

Boppy came home and before I knew it, Maggie looked like this.

"How'd you do that?" I asked my husband. 
"I sang her a song and she was so bored she fell asleep."
I asked him if he wanted me to go put her on the bed but he said that no, they were fine right there.

And they were. 

Then Maurice scratched and bit Owen's ear. For no reason. 
God damn. 
There was no blood so I guess he'll be okay. 
Then he and I played some cards. Luckily for me, his daddy came before he beat the hell out of me. 

And there you go. 

I better go make supper because did I mention I haven't lost my appetite? 
At least for food.
If I'm dying, I'm going to die fat if not happy. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Fat and happy, best way to go, hold on till you get happy :)
    Sounds like a perfect day. Gibson in the bathroom eating cookies, sounds like me when I was a kid - a dozen snickerdoodles and I couldn't get off grandma's bed I was so sick - never did that again!

    1. I will try to hang on until I get happy! Which sounds a bit self-defeating.
      Gibson was so funny.
      He was pretty amazed that I'd busted him although he was still chewing and the smell of peanut butter cookies permeated the air.

  2. Oh lord what a day. Gibson in the bathroom with TWO cookies cracked me up. Go big or go home. Around here we say go big or go home - or go home big. So we will all die fat AND happy!

    1. Gibson definitely goes big and then he goes home. I love that child.

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  4. I love all the stuff that goes on at your house. At my house my daughter came to visit even though she technically still lives here. Norbert flew into a rage and tried to bite her. Well, not really. He is too lazy to fly into a rage but he did try to bite her so I yelled at him and told him he was a bad cat. He told me to fuck off. And I told him that I paid good money for him and he better watch his mouth. No. Not really. But it could have happened. He did bite my daughter though.
    I am going to go take some Ibuprofen. A gift of the gods.

    1. It's a good thing that Norbert and Maurice can't procreate. Monsters would be the result.
      I've taken my morning Ibuprofen. Have you?

  5. Hurray for Ibuprofen! Gibson looks really alarmed in that Lincoln Logs photo, poor guy! :)

    1. He was so upset. I was cruel to take that picture. Bless his little heart. He recovered quite quickly though, when he heard about the cookie project.

  6. I am taking notes for how to be a fantastic grand parent. They look so happy. I notice Owen doesn't much wear shirts at home like my boy. That's the beach in his soul.

    1. Yep. Owen took his shirt off as soon as he got here. I didn't even notice! I guess I'm used to it. I am happy that he feels so comfortable here. Sometimes Gibson just takes all his clothes off which is also fine.

  7. Replies
    1. Mostly. I did get pretty stern about cleaning up the Lincoln Logs but they did it.

  8. Heh, die fat if not happy. Maybe I'll get that on my tombstone.

    Poor little Gibson's sad face! You terrible heartless grandmother! Well done getting it off. I was just thanking the universe the other day that my kids never got stuck in anything. I love call the midwife rather than go to ER :)

    1. Gibson HATED having that thing stuck on his head. And it was surprisingly well-stuck.
      As Owen and I tried to pull it off he kept saying, "Cut it out, you two!"

  9. This made me laugh and laugh, and I sure did need to laugh. Thank you!


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