Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Simple Stuff

Watched the last episode of season four of OITNB and I gotta tell you- that's some damn fine TV. It just is. The story-line got a little out of control this season as far as I'm concerned, but truths were told, even so.

I've had my walk and now I have to go to town to get some errands done. My mood has improved and I'm sure that part of that is the good night's sleep I got. Sleep truly does knit up the raveled sleeve of care and can you imagine if Shakespeare was writing screen plays or TV scripts?
Holy Crap!

So. Speaking of good writing- what do you recommend we watch now? Something with good writing? And acting, of course. That goes without saying.

I have to go to town today but Jessie and I are meeting up at Japanica! because we are both craving it hard. I feel as if we are cheating on Lily and her boys but a craving is a craving and so it goes.

Drink your water, y'all. Eat your vegetables and fruits. Get good sleep. Get off your butt and move around. Take note of that which is beautiful when you can.

That's all I have for you today.
Well, that and a picture of Otis.

Isn't he a pretty thing?
I still mourn the loss of his hens. I wonder if he does.
We will never know.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. "Take note of that which is beautiful when you can." That is some great advice, right there. And yes, Otis is certainly noteworthy in that regard!

  2. There is a French cartoon (dubbed in English) about a boy and a girl that go to live with their grandparents in the country right at the beginning of WW2. Only 5 episodes but very good. It's called The Long Long Holiday

  3. I am enjoying Wentworth. Though I have to take it in moderation. It is a lot more dark than OITNB.

    I cried for Gerber at the end of OITNB. He reminded me so much of my own boy. A gentle soul and a good person. Life can change in an instant.

  4. hell on wheels - netflix
    Bloodlines - netfliz
    both we thought were very good

  5. You know what i will say! So suffice to say....otis is lovely
    ( otis was a character in the walking dead btw x)

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  7. That's a remarkable photo. My my.

    I just ate Stranger Things up with a spoon. Don't know if you like a little sci-fi/horror/mystery. It's an eighties kid actor fest, solving mysteries, facing demons, fighting for your friends - you'll LOVE the children. They're amazing.

    This season of OITNB slayed me. Too sad. But I thought, very good.
    Actually, I'm impressed by the back seat the original central character (the blonde,white character) has taken. I do think they've done it well and have sucked people into the stories of women, and minorities, and poor people with such fierce heart.

    There's a new show about the beginnings of hip hop that's meant to be great. I'll come back to the comments for the other's suggestions!

  8. Wentworth, it is good. Just watch it with sub titles until you get used to the Australian slang or you will be wondering, what the hell did they just say!!?

  9. Well, I was belatedly BLOWN AWAY by The Wire. Honestly, it was incredible in every way.


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