Monday, August 29, 2016


Among other sucky and depressing things occurring here today I have probably fried my MacBook with ice water. 
Don't even ask. 
So. For now I'm posting via my phone and that does have its limitations. 
Somehow I feel certain the universe will continue to function. 


  1. Well, shit. Does that rice thing work? I have always thought those little packets you find in vitamins would work. They draw moisture. You would need about 1000 of them.

  2. I have been assured when I got mine - and I'll never ever forget the look of that young salesman - whether it will stay alive should I spill a mug of tea by accident, and he said, sure as long as it's not boiling hot. Actually, I once spilled about four tablespoons of coffee on a non-mac laptop and did the thing with the hair drier for several hours plus letting it rest on the radiator and ALL WAS FINE after that,
    So ice water could be fixable, but frying?

  3. Oh Ms Moon. I'm sorry. I wish for a long and windy blog post from you tonight.


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