Sunday, July 31, 2016

Political Theories And Pure Fun

Ah, it was a good day. A pancakes and bacon and play-in-the-pool day. And also, a day where Owen gave Mermer a foot massage, brushed her hair, and did her make-up as a belated birthday gift.
I have to say that he's getting quite good at foot massages. While he was brushing my hair, I said, "My hair's getting really long, isn't it?"
"Yes," he said. "It is but you need to grow some more on top."
Grandchildren are brutal, I tell you.
And then, for the grand finale of my present, Owen gave me a make-over. I'd show you a picture but the only one I took is horrifying. Truly. I Some things just cannot be shared.

Here's the boys in the pool with their Boppy.

Miss Maggie was delightful, as always. She is such a mama's girl. If she can see her mama or hear her, she wants her. She took a little nap and when she woke up I took her to her mother and she burst into smiles like the sun bursting through the clouds. I did give her a bottle on the bed and cuddled with her, which she allowed sweetly, playing with my fingers and her own toes. She sure did like pancakes. When Owen was kissing and hugging her today and she was smiling at him with her big, goofy smile, he said, "She is a joy, every day!"
Seriously. That's what he said.

Here's another picture, speaking of goofy people.

Gibson and Mermer, doing what they do best- cuddling. That child is the cuddlingest child I ever met. He's still got a touch of the baby in him, that one. 

And basically, that's what I've done today. Get birthday-pampered and play with babies and visit with Lily. I didn't pick green beans or peas. I should get out there and do it right now but I don't want to. I took a tiny nap and feel a bit Jackie-Dip, as we say around here (and when I say here, I mean, me, in my house). 
Oh sure, I did some laundry and filled out my passport renewal application. Did you know that they do NOT stamp your passport when you go to Cuba? 

I also read an article online about how maybe Donald Trump may be in the early stages of some sort of dementia which would make sense to me. It seems like his ability to focus and communicate are getting worse and worse and I truly wonder how in the world he thinks he's going to debate Hillary Clinton this fall. The man knows NOTHING and when he gets flustered, he lies and prevaricates and and then lies some more and then talks about how badly everyone treats him because he is, of course, an amazing human being, smart, knows big words, etc., etc.

I mean, the very idea of him going head-to-head with a woman who has literally been in the White House for two terms already (albeit as the First Lady) and who has been a senator from New York and who was the goddam Secretary of State and who is obviously, definitely, undeniably NOT suffering from either dementia or an acute case of narcissism, is simply mind-boggling. It's like putting Sarah Palin up against, oh...Joe Biden, and I'm thinking that Sarah is smarter and was more informed than Donald Trump is. Hey! Maybe she CAN see Russia from her front porch. Let's face it, all possible diagnoses aside, the man doesn't want to do actual work of any sort. He seems to have no grasp whatsoever of foreign policy or domestic policy either, for that matter. I still don't think the man really went into this thing wanting to be the president. He needed brand-name recognition for his failing business dealings and the glow of his reality show persona was wearing thin so...RUN FOR PRESIDENT! SURE! WHY NOT? I mean, running for president has got to be easier than creating products and doing honest real estate deals that are viable and of quality, right? 
So what's he going to do? Study? Learn something? Come up with an idea deeper than the one he has concerning his ability to save the world single-handedly? Try to bluster and bluff and insult and lie his way through it? Pretend to have a gall-bladder attack? 

He must be losing his mind over this right now. 
Oh. Wait. He lost his mind a long time ago. Unfortunately, madness is obviously contagious. Just ask his legion of followers. 

All right. I don't feel like discussing this any more and since I am not running for president, I'm allowed to say that. 

Sunday night. Leftover enchiladas for supper. And then to bed early to read. 
That is my plan. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. a. She most certainly could not see shit from Wasilla except the goddamn Walmart. (I taught in the school district that include Little Diomede, and when the ocean freezes you can walk across it to Big Diomede, which is Russia, and you will have guns pointed at you. And all the diomedes are worlds away from Wasilla, which is barely even Alaska, I say scornfully.)

    b. Lawdy, the no passport stamp thing - yes. I cannot tell you how many government officials I bribed on that trip to avoid getting caught for going to Cuba illegally and I STILL GOT CAUGHT. But, I was still a new law student and wrote a "brilliant" letter that pointed out all my Constitutional rights that they were violating by punishing me for going to Cuba, and dammit I was ready to go to prison and already imagined myself teaching classes and running the library. And the feds realized I was a pain in the ass and wrote me the funniest letter about how they knew I'd never do such a thing again. Ha.

    c. You have the best grandkids ever.

    1. Hey- I was giving old Sarah the poetically licensed benefit of the doubt.
      So- what WAS your trip to Cuba like? I'd love to know.
      And yes...I am mighty fond of these grands.

    2. You can be generous with her, and I would be too because she's clearly got issues. But she represents my home state so badly!

      Our trip to Cuba was pretty damn awesome. I traveled with a dear friend who is Mexican-American, so Spanish was never a problem, but culturally he was further away than me. All sorts of pretty incredible things - the Santeria priestess I met (well, really her mother is) who took me home with her and taught me all about the orishas, and we went to Carnival (8 days before Castro's birthday, so right about now I think - I recall he's a Leo) which was ... let's say, I understand healing trance dances, losing oneself completely in drums. Incredible.

      My friend was much more nervous than me, as he doesn't live with the privilege that I have grown accustomed to. We stayed there about 8 days I think, in a few different homes that were semi-legal. He made his own friend, a young man about his age (he's like 15 years younger than me), and we'd split up because the Santeria freaked him out.

      We hit some touristy places but were way more likely to be wandering the malecon (where prostitutes were always hitting on him, which makes him super sad) or university or in the poorer areas of town visiting new friends.

      Cubans are a proud people, if I'm to speak stereotypically. They can melodramatically shrug about ridiculous government policies, but they were proud of a lot, too. They knew a lot about what was going on in the U.S. - that's where I first heard of Daddy Yankee. A lot of bootleg internet access.

      I think I'm lucky that I lived in the Soviet Union for a bit, so I can more quickly see through the double-triple talk of living under an oppressive regime. It was a complicated world to live in and I respected the hustle.

      I think that I somehow expected it to feel more like home; even though there are so many connections between New Orleans and Cuba, they're rather attenuated and more historical now. It's a very different feel. A very enjoyable trip and we met some wonderful people I wish I could have stayed in touch with, but it's not a place I ache for like I do Liberia or Libya.

    3. I recognize some of my experiences here. I had never been in a country with a dictator, obviously, so that was all new to me but I soon saw the way people operated within those confines to get what they needed. I did not get exposed to the Santeria religion except in a few artworks in the museum. And yeah- I, too, expected it to feel a bit more like home. Or at least a bit more like Mexico but didn't feel that. I think being at Hemingway's house was perhaps the most recognizable part of the whole trip. I also think that the Cuban people's spirit must be pretty darn strong to be as clear and vibrant as it is after all those years under Castro.

  2. Early onset dementia would explain some of his ass-holiness, I suppose. A couple weeks ago I happened upon a short clip of Hillary being interviewed somewhere. I was quite disturbed to notice that she had small seizure-like movements. Wasn't it a few years ago that she had a benign something or other near her brain? The whole episode lasted about six seconds, but she made small little jerks with her head and a guy standing behind her kind of nudged her a little and it was over. As concerned as I was/am, I convinced myself that it was some propaganda shit going around. I've looked for it since, and the clip seems to have disappeared. Don't presidential candidates have full physicals before running?

    1. Mmmm....
      Well. I don't know about HIllary. I certainly haven't seen anything troubling in this election as to possible neurological symptoms. I did notice Bill had a bit of palsy when he spoke. And yes, I think they do have to get physicals but does that include a psychological profile? I know that Trump promised that he would be the "healthiest" president ever put in office. Some how I doubt this.

  3. I suppose it would make sense about Trump and hsi deision to run in the first place... wow, most people worry about their older relations getting lost, or buying 27 packets of napkins, he takes it to a whole nother level. The idea of him debating Hillary is cringingly nonsensical. God.

  4. I've really been looking forward to seeing the two of them debate but now I'm wondering whether Trump will even follow through with it. He may just choose not to debate. He has nothing to gain and everything to lose!

    Owen cracks me up with his remarks. He's so frank!

    1. Yes. Owen is nothing if not frank. So is Gibson for that matter.
      Can Trump do that? Just decide not to debate?

  5. I could happily read a diatribe against Trump every day of the week and twice on Sunday. I truly hope the dementia story is true and that he gets officially diagnosed ASAP.

    1. Or we could just wish he falls down a hole, while we're wishing...

  6. the man has no intention of debating Hillary Clinton. he's said as much claiming that the Democrats purposely scheduled it during football. what that has to do with anything is beyond me. and even if he did, he would only continue to interrupt her and call her Killery. I am sick of him and I find it hard to believe that people still find his schtick entertaining.

    yes, grandkids are brutally honest. they don't mean to be brutal they just speak the obvious.

  7. Can Trump really refuse to debate Hillary? Is that allowed? I was kind of looking forward to it. And the photos of your boys in the pool are wonderful especially that top one of Gibson in a state of bliss. It's a beautifully composed photograph too.


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