Monday, August 8, 2016

The Apparent Slowness Is Deceptive

Dancing with darkness, everything hurts, about to go into town to do errands with Lily and the children, just keep moving, just keep moving.
The hurricane lilies should start popping up any day now.
Another year is passing so quickly.
A life. This life.
It spins through my fingers like poorly woven silk, who can hold on to it?
Cupping water in my hands, an exercise in futility. It never stays long enough to reflect the light of even one star.


  1. A tender and beautiful post.

  2. Wonderful. Beautiful. We are masters of denial, usually, but every once in a while we get a glimpse of a greater picture.

    1. (I say "beautiful," but I don't mean to gloss over the darkness of the feelings that prompted this post.)

  3. And the only true thing is love. But how to balance our love for those around us with love for ourselves? That's the hard part.

  4. Oh, Mary. How can I love a person I have never even met. I love you. You already know that but it needs to be said from time to time.

    I keep listening to Dust in the Wind. Over and over again. As if it will eventually hold answers.

  5. You say things that I feel. And sometimes when I read your words it's the first I realize. I am so grateful every day that I found this blog all those years ago. So grateful.


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