Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Food And Stuff

On my walk this morning, I happened to notice some hanging fruits which looked like limes and I stopped to check them out. Had I been walking past a citrus tree all these years without noticing?
Quite possible, but no, and I immediately knew what I was seeing, which is passion fruit. Those are growing on vines which are entangled in dog fennel and I saw at least half a dozen this morning. I've heard that passion fruit is delicious and I'm excited to think that perhaps these lovely ovoids will ripen and I can pick them and bring them home and try them.

I'm really enjoying listening to Anthony Bourdain's book but it's sort of all over the map, which is appropriate, I suppose, given his inclination for travel. He discusses everything from dating the Very Rich (he doesn't recommend it) to his experiences in various kitchens to famous chefs to becoming the father of a daughter. Also, of course, food, and now I'm really hungry for some Pho. The man is a decent writer and he has quite strong opinions about things, as one would assume and seems to have blurrier boundaries than is probably good for him in some ways but which makes for interesting reading. And since I'm listening to the audio version, narrated by him, it's an even better experience for me. I've had a crush on the man for a long time (and who among us has not?) and it even got crushier when he had a meal with President Obama in Viet Nam where they ate Bun Cha at what we might call a modest restaurant (the entire tab was six bucks).

Bourdain reported that the President's chopstick skills are "on point" and thus, my crush on our president got crushier as well. 

Anyway, la-di-dah, and we're all waiting to see what this storm will do. "Should I go get hurricane supplies?" I asked my husband. "Beany-Weenies, perhaps?"
We laughed. I talked to an old friend of mine yesterday and we discussed getting ready for hurricanes which always involves filling the bathtub with water so you can flush the toilet. I'm pretty sure this storm isn't going to reach the point of us needing a bathtub full of water and let's face it- no one on this earth needs Beany-Weenies unless they are literally dying of starvation and that is the only source of calories available which could happen but is not likely to happen here. 

Wait and see, what and see. I think that's what life mostly consists of. 
I shall wait and see if the passion fruit gets ripe and if the storm comes our way and many other things but right now, I need some lunch which will not be Pho or Bun Cha or even an egg cooked over a wood fire as Bourdain described Alice Waters cooking for Leslie Stahl on a Sixty Minutes special with not a small amount of disdain. 

And here's a picture of Maurice just because. 

My little tiger who keeps me company. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I love passion fruit, probably my second favorite after..I forgot what my most favorite is, jeez.

    I hope the storm doesn't hit you hard there and if it does, I hope that little Maurice gets his butt in the house before it gets too crazy.

  2. Filling the tub. I remember that from growing up in the tropics. And yet I did not experience a hurricane till i moved to New York, where I experienced two. May the rain be light and nourishing, and pass quickly enough. I'm so impressed that you walk every day.

  3. A cozy wonderful post to read and then a bonus at the end with Maurice!


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