Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Another Day In Paradise

Every morning when I go out to let the chickens out, I find Jack in a chair by the kiddy pool. I think he is pretending he's lounging pool-side at a resort. He'd probably appreciate a pina colada.
Well, so would I, Jack. So would I.

And then there's this.

Cutest chicken in the goddanged world. I swear. I still don't know whether that bird is a boy or a girl. No crowing, no eggs. Whatever. Her (his?) darlingness is enough for me. 

So. That's about it from Lloyd this morning. I'm just waiting on a friend...


  1. What kind of chicken is he/she?

  2. That chicken has great shoes! I would wear them.

  3. Love both of those animals.

  4. That chicken is remarkable! Is he/she wearing slippers?

  5. Wonderful photos! I hope Jack continues to enjoy his vacation lifestyle :) He certainly chose the right resort. And the chicken - ! Gorgeous!


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