Monday, February 26, 2018

We Made It To Jacksonville And Back

There's my boy, coloring while waiting to see the neurologist at Nemour's Children's Clinic in Jacksonville. We drove over this morning, and Gibson went with us too. Lily stayed home because she babysits for Wiley Cash on Monday's and this was just a follow-up appointment and she knew we could handle it.
And of course we did.
The appointment wasn't much. Questions, a few simple tests. (Follow my finger, touch your elbow to your knee, etc.)
Gibson was pretty good about keeping quiet while the doctor was talking to us about Owen and to Owen but when things had almost come to an end, he stood up and stuck his chest out and showed the doctor his flea bites and his paper cut. Then he told her a story about bees and how he puts pollen on himself so that the bees will come and oh, I'm not sure what all.
"He's adorable," said the doctor.
Gibson felt a part of it all which is what he wanted.

And then we met Jason's uncle for lunch at a barbecue place and can I tell you that the baked beans had FOUR DIFFERENT KINDS OF BEANS IN THEM? They were so good.
Food. It's always about food, isn't it?

And then we drove back home.

We hit the Busy Bee on the way over and on the way back too and we used their delightful bathrooms and perused their fine selection of everything from gator heads to bulk candy to gourmet jerky to Indian print dresses to fine jewelry to...
Well. Name a thing.
They have it.

The boys were pretty darn good and I did enjoy my time chatting with Jason. We had some good laughs.

And when I got home, look what I found.

Drains connected and all is beautiful. 

I think I'll move back in there but I won't feel right about it until I get my "real" curtains up and the cleaning done and the tidying done and the purging done. But my Lord, it's a beautiful sink in a now-beautiful piece of furniture. 
My husband. I do so appreciate him. He would never, ever believe this but in some ways, he is an artist as well as a craftsman. He might not realize it but I do. 

I'm very tired and I'm going to make our supper and I'm going to go to bed as early as I want to. 
I am grateful that my grandson is doing so well and I have to say that I am grateful that he wants me to go with him to these appointments. He proudly told his great-uncle today that I have been to every one of them. 

I love my boys so much. All of them. My son, the grandsons, their daddies, their granddaddy. 
There are a lot of asshole men in this world but right here we have some of the truly, truly good ones. 
And they're all pretty cute, too. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. You surely do have the good men, including the really
    small for his age 20-year-old (loved that story)!

  2. Oh My! So very beautiful! And now I have sink envy. Mr. Moon is indeed an artist. Very happy that Owen's appointment was smooth and problem free. Life is good!

  3. In no particular order,
    #1, I love that sink
    #2, I find it wonderful that in your immediate circle, you are surrounded by good men, that counts for a lot, doesn't it? In my life I have been both surrounded by good men, and surrounded by men that were not so good. I do appreciate men with goodness about them.
    #3, Your Grandsons are delightful.


  4. Just had to chime in, i got to stop at the Busy Bee once and i love it and wish we had one here.

    Your good news has me smiling!

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  6. Glad Owen is doing well! Your sink s glorious!

  7. That sink is beautiful and I'm happy Owen is well. You have a wonderful family.

  8. I'm glad Owen is well. And that sink, oh my goodness that is beautiful! And the wood vanity as well. I'm envious.

  9. maybe most men are good men it's just that the bad ones get all the attention. and I love that sink. in fact I've been looking at them on-line for when I re-do the big bathroom. and yay for Owen.

  10. I'm glad the trip to Jax went well. That sink looks AMAZING! I'd be afraid to use it, it looks so nice! :)

  11. That sink and its stand are *breathtaking*. I'm in awe.
    So glad Owen's doing well, and you're so right about all your good men :)

  12. Glad you got good ones, all around. Lovely bathroom.

  13. I call those neuro visits the $456 reflex checks.

    I'm glad that it went well, though. Bless those boys a million times and may they always be well and safe.


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