Friday, February 2, 2018

Another Lunch, Another Chance To Love Each Other

Today was go-to-El-Patron-for-lunch day. It's been quite awhile since we'd all been and enjoyed the extremely reasonably priced and very tasty luncheon offerings. It was a little too windy and chilly to sit on the deck and so they gave us the big table in the back which offers a bit of distance between us with our babies and crazy kidlings and the rest of the restaurant.
August sat on Boppy's lap, of course, and wanted more farm pictures. Maggie came and sat on my lap and I kept burying my nose in her curls, sniffing up that gorgeous warm child smell that always reminds me of the parakeet I had as a pet when I was a child. Miss Pretty Girl was her name, or Pretty, for short. August kept passing Maggie chips and he even pushed the salsa dish over closer to her so it would be easier for her to reach and she always said, "Tant-tu," so sweetly. It's lovely watching these two littles beginning to really notice each other and interacting on this level. Later, they were wild childs and ran around and around the table, chasing each other and laughing uproariously.
When we got our food, Maggie shared my beans and rice, thanking me after every bite I gave her, and her mama gave her some grilled onions and chicken from her fajitas and the girl carefully ate all of the onions while leaving most of the chicken. She also ate some avocado chunks from the guacamole and August had basically the same lunch.
Levon had milk.
And then a nap.
He's such a baby.
Such a beautiful baby.
It was good to see Hank and catch up on stuff.

And August even came to sit on my lap for a little while. He wanted me to draw him pictures too but for some unknown reason (haha!) my pictures aren't very interesting so he asked to see pictures on my phone which I gladly let him do so that I could bury my nose in HIS hair which is so different than Maggie's. Soft, yes, but sort of crazy. Lily is hoping beyond hope that he has Uncombable Hair Syndrome which is a real and true thing and which one of the grandchildren of Mr. Moon's sister has. I have no idea if he has it but his head smells just as wonderful as Maggie's and I probably annoyed him with my sniffing of his personal scalp. I just can't help it. I absolutely must do it. It's been scientifically proven. I swear.

Saying good-bye was a kiss/hug fest, as always. Everyone has to kiss everyone and say, "I love you," and "I love you," and "I love you."

I have said this one million times but I will say it again- my family is my joy and I am in constant disbelief that I have the family I do. We don't just love each other. We like each other. We laugh when we're with each other. We are supportive of each other. We express thanks to each other. There is never any simmering resentment beneath the surface of this family. We are who we are and we love each other for exactly who we are. 
How is this even possible? 

When August and Maggie were running around the table today, I scootched over a chair to sit next to my husband and I put my head on his chest and he put his arms around me and kissed me and we snuggled a little bit, right there in El Patron. There is something just so incredibly precious about the way I love the man who shares this family with me. We don't even have to say a thing. It's just so obvious that we are so lucky and we are also so lucky because not only was it our love that made this family what it is, but that we still have that love and it has been multiplied over and over again. 
The kids all sort of went, "Arggghhh! Mom and Dad are kissing!" but I know they don't mind. I don't care if you're four years old or forty years old- if Mom and Dad are kissing, there is something very right with your world. 

All right. I'd say enough with the mushy stuff but I don't think that's possible. 
There's never too much mushy stuff. And there's never too much love.

Happy Friday, y'all. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. There's never too much mushy stuff! A loving family is a blessing and it is wonderful how you revel in all that love. If the humans in this world could just all love like that, we would all be in much better shape!

    1. A loving family is the greatest blessing. And because I grew up in such a weird family, a not-loving and NOT happy family, I know it and I appreciate it with all of my heart.

  2. you just have a fucking love fest going on over there.

  3. How right you are. There is never too much love. I think you have a good portion of it though, LOL! I love your warms me to the bottom of my heart to see and read about you every day
    Susan M

    1. Thank you, Susan. There can't be too much love. It's simply impossible.

  4. Replies
    1. We're weird and we're silly and we aren't always exactly sane but we sure do love each other. It's the most wonderful thing in the world to me.

  5. Love is all that’s important. Joanne

    1. Without love, nothing else really matters. I believe that.

  6. My parents were big on showing affection, each other and to my brother and I. Yeah, we cringed many times, but deep down being able to witness the love between those two was what made us the people we are today. The love you and Mr. Moon have has made those wonderful kids and grandkids who they are. You should be proud!

    1. I am proud and also completely baffled at how all of this happened. But thank heavens it did.

  7. I love hearing about your family outings! You are indeed fortunate to have the brood that you do. I have never in my life heard of Uncombable Hair Syndrome.


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