Saturday, February 17, 2018


Although to me it goes almost without saying, it should not.

My grandchildren are so happy to spend the night here not because we make purple cows or because we have good toys and good books and chickens and a play set and interesting carpentry projects and dolls and doll beds but because they have all been raised to feel completely comfortable, secure, and loved to their very bones by their parents.

They know that they can go away and come back to their mamas and their daddies and that all will be well.

You cannot feel comfortable in love unless you have been loved. You cannot feel trust unless you have never had to doubt it.

This I know to be true. Thank you, Lily and Jason, Jessie and Vergil, for raising children like this.

I see what you're doing. And I love and honor you for doing it.


  1. the love, and security of love and acceptance, is how you raised your children.....and how they are raising their children. This is the core of their existence......and how a child grows to be a balanced and rounded individual. I can only wish that your *model* was the norm. You and your family make me smile and you give me hope
    Susan M

  2. Yes! And those kids and your family is so lucky in this way! Joanne

  3. That is absolutely true -- and as 37P said, your children learned from you how to parent this way. You get the credit. Or at least some of it.

  4. true but also because they know they are so loved by you. and the books and toys and projects and chickens too. if it was boring at your house they wouldn't be so anxious to come.

  5. Your wonderful kids would not be the parents they are without you and Mr. Moon. Quite a legacy you're passing down!

  6. Well said. I agree with the others, you get some credit for parenting your kids that way as well. And, it makes me consider why I was always so anxious to stay at my grandparents house overnight. :-(

  7. Well. I think your readers most certainly know why we (your kids) turned out to be the pretty-good parents we are- because of you and Daddy! It’s not a mystery.
    Thanks again for the August sleepover. It was so nice for all of us. And I love the recap blog post. Vergil was reading it last night before we went to sleep and cracking up over August’s video. We’re grateful for so many things from you, and one of those is the fact that you document our and our children’s lives so wonderfully.

    1. It is my joy to document these things. To think that some day, maybe, my grandchildren can look at what I've written and the pictures I've posted and know what they were like as babies, as children, and can realize how much they were loved and cherished by their entire family.
      I've been thinking a lot about how every one says that it is because of the way your daddy and I parented you and your siblings that you and Lily are such good parents but I know I made many and vast mistakes. I am no more perfect than any mother and far less perfect than some but my hope is that whatever mistakes I made, you will remember and not make them.
      I'm so glad that August's first night away from home went so well. Obviously, he was completely ready and had worked it all out in his head. He's good at that.
      And I'm glad that I got a video of him saying, "Pretty good" so many times. I love it when he says that. It's so mature.

  8. Love echoes through the generations. A very good thing.


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