Thursday, February 22, 2018

Bone Tired

Oh, y'all. I am flat worn out tonight. I don't know what I think I'm trying to accomplish with my longer, harder walks beyond just proving something to myself but it's not going to hurt me unless I die of heat stroke which is quite possible in that it's already too fucking hot and when I got in my car today and started it up, the thermometer screen said ninety degrees. We've just skipped spring entirely and gone straight to summer and I do not like it.

So anyway, why blather on about it when actually, what I need to do is to get into the kitchen and make some enchiladas which is what I've got planned for supper although I'm second guessing that because it's too hot to turn on the oven and slave over the stove and I had Mexican food for lunch today but as I always say, "Hell, in Mexico I eat Mexican food three times a day and it's awesome!"

So yes, I went to lunch with Jessie and the boys and Rachel and Hank and our friend Lindsey, and August sat on my lap for a very long time and ate more chips and salsa than anyone else. His brother only got milk AGAIN and was not that happy about it. Oh, he was happy about getting milk but he wasn't happy about not getting food.

Isn't he just a man, that one?  
Until he collapses into goofy grins and then he's a baby again. 

So there's really nothing to report that you don't already know but isn't the NRA being just the most evil, desperate organization they can possibly be? And that thing about Trump needing an empathy cheat sheet for his "listening" session"? And is there any thing on earth which has ever been more ludicrous and horrifying than the idea of arming teachers? 

These are, of course, rhetorical questions. Jessie said today, "I can understand people really believing that their side is right but in this case..."
"They're just really, really wrong," I finished for her. 

That's all. I have to go make supper while I can still stand on my feet. 

Much love...Ms. Moon


  1. cheat sheet needed?...........this filled me with even more dread and disgust than previously. Makes me nauseated, really. And embarassed
    Sorry you are hot already? Lordy. We haven't even HAD a winter here in Ca. until this past week....where we have frozen every night......and daytime cold.......but I'm loving it because we seem to have had the *eternal summer* up until last week and I, personally, am tired of being warm. Bring on the cold (for me) . starting fire in woodstove as we speak
    Susan M

  2. I think the NRA is pure evil. Richard Corcoran and most Florida republicans are repugnant NRA whores. I can't wait till they get voted out by this new generation! There's no new low that surprises me from the white house anymore.
    The Miami Herald had an article about how Melania's parents were most likely here via the "chain migration" he wants to stop. Levon is growing so quickly!

  3. I find myself just sad. This whole shitshow is so effing sad. Those kids that are going to change the world are holding me up right now. And the NRA what can one say. People are nuts.

  4. If I have learned anything teaching community college students, it's that teenagers and young adults are flat out amazing. And susceptible to the garbage adults feed them--what a terrible world we have made for them and yet. And yet they are hope incarnate.

  5. Those kids will change the world but it’s going to take some time. Love.

  6. I feel a little manipulated by NPR because they keep replaying the NRA's president soundbyte, and each time I'm filled with rage and sadness. So I turned it off because one can't think through all those feelings.

    A number of companies including the largest asset manager (Blackstone? Black something, but not water) have divested from guns and ammo and I'm hoping this continues. I fucking hate capitalism's deathgrip on our world right now but this may be a redeeming feature for the moment. Money talks. Oh, how it talks and walks and runs our world.

  7. the NRA is a terrorist organization. they send out letters to politicians and future politicians demanding to know their stance and then threatening them if they don't come over. LaPierre is a despicable man. this has nothing to do with the second amendment. I do not understand why he wants this country to be an armed camp. and the smear campaign against these kids accusing them of being paid protestors by people being paid to block any common sense restrictions!

    well, it turned cold here again and wet and STILL overcast.

  8. They're so wrong.

    Those grumpy baby cheeks!


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