Friday, February 23, 2018

Stopping Time For A Moment

It was a resting day for me today. I was deliberately lazy and even napped. It was lovely.

I did a wandering of the yard and took note of the mulberries, leafing out and forming their fuzzy blossoms which will be fruit.

Also, the tiny unfolding leaves of the fig tree.

And the glory of the Japanese Magnolia.

I hung sheets on the line and left the eggs in the nest for the boys to find. I watered all of my potted plants and planted two rooted giant begonia leaves in a pot and set them on my porch table where I'll be able to easily tend them and to see when the new tiny green leaves appear. 

In short, I did the things that make me happy. 

And now the boys are here and we went out and found those eggs and they picked carrots in the garden and I picked greens for salad and now they are playing Wii with their grandfather and they have eaten pickled okra, watermelon, smoked almonds, and Chex Mix. They watched me give their grandfather his Vitamin B-12 shot and were most impressed although Gibson told me not to ever stick a needle in him. I assured him that I would never just give him a random shot. 

I am going to make us pizza for supper. And salad. Which they probably will not eat. 

They are growing so fast. Like the mulberry tree which just a few years ago was a bit of a twig in a pot and which is now at least twenty feet tall, reaching up into the blue sky. 

It has been a day of counting my ever-increasing riches and abundance. 

I have toted up the sum of all of it and am astounded once again. 

Happy Friday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. lordy, that magnolia bloom is spectacular! I'm envious. My fig tree is just now sprouting a few leaves..... but our trees are so stressed with no rain, and consistent (up until a week ago) warm temps. They don't know what to do. I am most concerned about my prized apricot blooms yet........ no leaves........what will it do this year?
    Glad you and the grands enjoyed a wonderful day! My garden.....can't even consider planting for at least another month here........ugh. I always marvel at YOUR garden
    susan M

    1. Well, my garden's glory season is about to be over. We'll put in tomatoes and cucumbers and squash and so forth as we always do and then most likely everything will get eaten by bugs and viruses.
      But maybe not. I sure did have a lot of cucumbers last year. And green beans, too. And the okra didn't do so bad.
      Come to think of it.
      That Japanese magnolia is a beauty, isn't it? It was just a baby when we moved in here. I sure hope your apricot tree manages to do what it's supposed to do. The plants are all probably as confused as we are.

  2. That hit the spot. So much richness.

  3. Wow% spring - we're definitely still cold and snowing right now. Love mulberries. We have some white and some purple. Nap on you shiny diamond.

    1. I keep having hot flashes and am NOT enjoying the heat here at all. I am sunburned from my walks already. Jesus.
      I know there are white mulberries but I've never seen one. Do they taste as good as the purple?
      YOU are the shiny diamond, girl. I mean it.

  4. Beautiful...can you believe how warm it is for February?

  5. sounds like a best day. you are ahead of us. fig trees haven't come out yet and I haven't seen any of the japanese magnolias around town blooming but then I haven't been out and about for over a week. my little redbud tree in a pot is putting on buds.

    1. Our Japanese Magnolias have been out for a couple of weeks here in the really sunny spots. Redbuds too. Azaleas are starting but haven't really gotten busy yet.

  6. Because of you, and my mom, I wonder, is there anything better than grandchildren?

    1. Oh, I don't know. Maybe? But they sure are wonderful.

  7. Your fig tree is way ahead of mine. Do you cover it when the weather freezes? I brought my fig indoors because the temps are supposed to get into the 20s but I don't know if I really need to do that. I suspect it would be fine outside. I just don't want to take the chance.


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