Friday, September 8, 2017

Whachu Gon' Do?

As far as I'm concerned it does no good whatsoever at this point to try and figure out where this storm is going to hit Florida and what it's path is going to be. Right now it looks like it's going to hit south Florida and then come right on up the spine of the state.
Tallahassee hotel rooms are filled to capacity and I hear that gas is scarce. Some people are in Tallahassee to ride out the storm, more are probably here to pause before heading to parts farther away. The word "gridlock" is being tossed around.

I wonder if Trump will be spending the weekend at Mar-A-Lago?

Meanwhile it's a beautiful, relatively cool day here with clear skies and I need to take a walk and try and shake off some of this worry. We're all in the same boat here, so to speak, and won't really be getting much wind or rain until Sunday, most likely.

I'm going to need more beer by then.

Thank you to everyone for your concern. This is just living in Florida and by golly, I lived through one of the worst hurricanes in history when I was six years old and have survived plenty since then. This is not to say that if given the choice I'd never sit through another but unless I decide to move to another part of the country that's not going to happen. Plus- if it's not hurricanes it's earthquakes or forest fires or tsunamis or tornados or...

As dear Roseanne Roseannadanna used to say

Happy Friday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. It's gonna be a loooong weekend. We're hunkered and made space in the closets if we need to hunker there. It's just so impossible to live with this level of constant stress. I hope the winds are far less by the time they get to you. I so appreciate you answering my email, my son found an app for that and indeed gas is scarce, may we all be safe. Much love.

  2. Sending all the positive thoughts I can muster your way,Mary. Bless your hearts indeed. As long as you are able, please keep us informed that you are all well. You are held dearly in the hearts of so many, especially at this trying time. Lots of Love Blods

  3. Everyone here in SC is saying "Yay, it's wobbling more to the west!" but I can't wish this storm on anyone. I wish it would veer east and just go out to sea.

  4. I was shaken last night by the earthquake off the Pacific Coast of Mexico. Magnitude 8.1. No damage here, just tremors that lasted almost 4 minutes, long enough to scare me. So - you are right - hurricanes, wild fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, flood, droughts. The forces of nature cannot be avoided and are not to be sneered at. All you can do is exercise good sense, which you have in abundance. Take care and keep us updated.

  5. What Jennifer said. If it went back out to sea and spent itself out in the North Atlantic, i'd be a happy camper.

  6. Sorry, this may be too far into the Ace Ventura vein, but i couldn't help it.

    Thirding what Jennifer said and wishing you all the beers.

  7. Sending you all good vibes. Please keep us posted as much as you are able. You will be in my thoughts constantly, and in my heart. Love.

  8. You've been on my mind all day. xo

  9. Stay safe. Thinking of good friends in Florida and hoping they'll make the right decisions. And that the storm will veer east.


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