Monday, September 25, 2017

At Least My Feet Are Smooth

One of our favorite birthday activities around here is to go and get pedicures. Today Lily and May and Lily's good friend Kelly and I all went and did just that. Jessie didn't come because she and Vergil and August went to the beach. Vergil has Monday's off and that's what he wanted to do and it's his birthday week as well so off to the beach they went which I am sure was just a huge sacrifice on Jessie's part.

The suffering is simply and painfully obvious, isn't it? 

Meanwhile, we were looking something like this.

What is it about getting attention paid to your feet? There is part of me which always feels so guilty, sitting there in that chair that massages my back while some poor soul has to deal with my inhuman feet. I mean, of course I tip really, really well but still...
May and Lily and Kelly all work on their feet for eight hour shifts (or more) and their feet deserve and need this attention a few times a year and bless those people who do that work. It is holy work, in my opinion and I respect them with all of my heart. 

And now we all have beautiful feet. Mine actually look human. 
We went to lunch afterwards, as tradition requires, and it was a good time. 

I really don't have much else to talk about today. I got eight eggs. That's pretty big news. Mr. Moon had to replace some sort of complicated electrical outlet in the kitchen which is of supreme importance because it's where I plug in the coffee pot, the espresso maker, the food processor, the blender, and the toaster oven. I never run them all at once. Ever. But it quit working today and it was a frustrating job and I know he's in pain. Still, he persisted and persevered until he got it all fixed and tidy. I have no idea what I'd do without this man. The house would fall down around me and I'd end up living in a van by the river, as I always say, and it's just the truth. 
Also, the van would not run and the tires would be flat. 

And I think that's about all the words I have for today. There's so much going on in the world which is beyond unbelievable and distressing and every morning when I look at the paper I think to myself that I have lived so long that things are repeating again and again and that nothing ever really changes. A few things get better, then get worse again, a few things get worse, and then a little bit better. 
I guess I blinked and missed the Age of Aquarius. 
But I swear- I remember the dawning of it. 
It was something. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Oh god, that last paragraph about The Age of Aquarius made me spit up my water -- thank you for the laugh. Like the bible says, "There's nothing new under the sun."

  2. Our, Mary. It just seems everything is getting worse. I do think its innate to feel hope. Let's keep hoping. Maybe it will get us through.

  3. I know what you mean about feeling guilty during a pedicure. I've had only one pedicure in my entire life and I felt the same way. (One of my enduring regrets is that I didn't have the pedicurist (?) paint my toenails pink.)

    Have you ever heard of a local Florida musician named Maggie Council? She used to be in Tampa, associated with WMNF community radio. Anyway, she has a great song about the theme of your last paragraph, which she wrote during the first Iraq War (!) called "Time Between the Nights":

    You're afraid of getting older
    And I'm afraid I'll never die
    I'll have to watch the same stupid things over and over
    That make each generation cry...

    1. Steve, I love everything about your comment and just had to say that❤️

  4. I think what happened was we all finally had to get jobs and man does that kill your joy. I can't even listen to the news and I scroll through FB less and less. I got a pedicure before our trip to Hawaii and I kept apologizing for the condition of my feet, the result of going barefoot all the time.

  5. I love your life minus the anxiety and injuries to your husband. August has a beautiful skin color - wierd thing to say but I notice and love it. I am getting a pedicure this week if it kills me. Did I tell you I love coming here????

  6. What a sneaky picture you took of me! I love it, I need to do that more often. Pedicure, you, sisters and friends.


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