Wednesday, September 13, 2017


I feel like a completely different person this evening.
I certainly didn't get everything done I wanted to but I did enough to make me feel better. Lots of laundry, two freshly made-up beds, a few floors swept, kitchen tidied, and one cartload after another of twigs and branches and limbs picked up and hauled to the burn pile. I also did a bit of pulling of weeds and trimming of palm fronds as I went and I also went through sheets and took out a pile that need to be given away or donated because I don't have those sized beds anymore.
The front yard is far from done but I made a good start and no one's going to fire me for not finishing it up in a timely manner.

Then I came in and drank an iced shot of espresso, took a warm shower, not a freezing cold one, washed my hair, dried off with clean towels, and then...turned on the air conditioning.

Lord. You would think that I'd been out in the wilderness for forty days and forty nights, living rough under a rock, instead of having to suffer without full electricity for TWO WHOLE DAYS!

I'm so spoiled. And so are most of us, to tell you the truth.

Well, at least I know I am and it's good to be reminded of that fact now and then. It renews your appreciation to go without for a few days, whether we're talking about electricity or coffee. That coffee part is purely speculative, by the way.

Want to hear something funny? My big toe on my right foot has been hurting and I honestly thought there was a splinter in it but Jessie looked yesterday and proclaimed that it merely had a small crack in it and what I thought was a splinter was dirt. Okay. Sure. I walk around barefooted or in flip flops all the time which explains the dirt but I could not think of how I could have hurt it. And the other toes on that foot sort of hurt too.
I figured out why just now.
It's been such a rainy summer that all of my doors are swollen to the point that some of them won't entirely shut and it's hard to open them. When my AC is on, I shut the back door to the porch and I go through that door about a hundred times a day. During the hurricane and the cooler temps and the lack of power I mostly didn't shut the door but since I turned the air conditioner on, I did. And when I just went back into the house from the porch, I went to open the door which was sticky and kicked it at the bottom with my right foot which I now realize I've been doing for weeks and weeks and that's why my toes hurt.

Mystery solved. I'll start kicking it with the other foot now.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. "I'll start kicking it with my other foot now.." Omg! I snorted when I read this! Haha. Glad you're feeling better.

  2. I am so pleased to read this! Some days, a strong coffee and a warm shower are pure luxury. Actually, a strong coffee and a warm shower are pretty excellent most days. Add clean towels and clean bed sheets. It doesn't get much better.

    Or maybe I need to get out more. ????

    I hope you have a great sleep tonight and wake up feeling refreshed tomorrow.

    1. Absolutely, woman! We had coffee every day. A few days it was perked on the gas stove in my old enamel coffee pot which was a treat in itself. We call that Cowboy Coffee and when Mr. Moon makes it (which he did) it's strong enough to dissolve iron. And you know I'm with you about clean sheets. Ultimate luxury. I don't think we need to get out more. I think we know what's important.

  3. Glad you feel better. I love iced espresso. With lots of sugar.

  4. oh, my yard is such a disaster. things wiped off the face of the ground as if they had never existed. oh well. and yeah, use the other foot.

  5. Oh, dear Mary, I am so glad things are finally picking up for you. Enjoy that coffee, and take care if that foot!

  6. Ha! I've done things like that -- injured myself in some way and been unable to determine how until I repeat the very same routine act that injured me in the first place. It's such a weird feeling to think you do something so habitually and don't even notice it.

    Glad you have your creature comforts back! There's nothing wrong with that!

  7. By some strange twist, my power here in my little town across the US on the west coast was without power for about 14 hours during the time that you were probably out of power as well. Not due to a natural disaster, it just was. I kept thinking alternatively how inconvenient it was (and it WAS) and also how it must feel to be without power and also have so much wind, rain and destruction at the same time. I was both grumpy at the inconvenience and so grateful for my safety at the same time. So conflicting! Somehow I felt I was communing with all of you in Florida. And I'm so glad that you are back to air conditioning and clean sheets!

  8. Oh Mary, you made me laugh. Yes, kick with the other foot, or maybe keep a broom by the door and push it open with that! So glad you're feeling better. A warm shower and freshly laundered sheets, there is very little better than that!


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