Thursday, September 14, 2017

So Far Today

Hurricane Lily in sunshine.

From left, clock-wise: Eggs by Trinky, Darla, Nicey, either Owl or Lucy. 

They do good work, those girls. 


  1. Spectacular. I have never in my life seen a hurricane lily. I'm so thankful to you Mary for bringing True Florida into my life. And for everything else too.

  2. It's so cool how you know what egg came from each chicken.

  3. Your eggs come in colors I've never seen in a supermarket. So magical.

  4. beautiful eggs!!!!!!!!! So fun to be able to identify (with some certainty) who laid which one....... never seen a hurricane lily in my life but it is spectacular! You have the most interesting flora there....
    and darned that AC! It may be time for a new one after 13 years of ornery-ness
    Susan M


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