Saturday, September 23, 2017

Both First World And Real World Problems

Free range chickens who lay happy eggs.

I woke up this morning knowing that I had to take my phone in to the repair guys because it would not take a charge. I'd done all the stuff you're supposed to do and I'd limped along for a while with it as it would charge on one charger but not another and then vice versa or in the car but not via an electric outlet and then, last night, it just quite taking a charge anywhere. 
"Nope," it said. "I am not charging." And it wouldn't. 
I'd already planned to go to town because I needed to get some things for Owen's birthday party which is tomorrow although his birthday is Tuesday. When Lily asked him what he wanted on the menu for his party he said, "A salad bar and grilled steaks, pork chops and ribs."
Okay. Wow. What happened to hot dogs? I guess almost-eight year old boys have more sophisticated tastes than seven year old boys. Or at least meatier tastes. 
I had volunteered to get the chips and stuff like that and then I volunteered to make potato salad and macaroni and cheese so a visit to Costco was in order. I envisioned having to leave my phone and driving halfway across town to Costco and Publix and then back to get my phone and so forth but it turned out that all my phone needed was a good cleaning out of the charging port. 
And yes, I had tried to do that but I obviously did not have the correct and needed tools to do so. 
So the sweet guy at the repair place took my phone back to where the magic happens and cleaned it out and brought it to me and I was so happy I wanted to kiss him but I did not. 
Then I went on to Costco and Publix and got what I needed, including macaroni and cheese at the Costco because they were sampling it and it was delicious and why not? Hell, yeah! 

When I got home Mr. Moon texted me to ask if I was home and I replied that I was and he said, "I'm going to call you," and of course that was a bit worrisome but I figured that he'd run into some project and wouldn't be coming home tonight which is what he had planned, but tomorrow. 
Well, I was halfway right. 
It wasn't a project, it was a fall from a ladder directly on his back on the hard clay ground when some wasps swarmed him. 
"Oh my god!" I said. "Do you need me to come and get you?"
"No, no," he answered and then proceeded to tell me that his hunt-buddy, who works in some medical-off-shoot field had him iced and Ibuprofened-up and had given him Benadryl for the wasp stings. All the very things I would have done. 
He told me the whole story and I could tell from his really peppy voice that the fall was bad enough for his body to release those natural morphine-like substances which are so very, very delicious while they're dancing around in our bloodstream. 
So. He IS spending the night in Georgia but insists that he'll be coming home tomorrow for the birthday party and I made him promise that if any of about ten things happened, he'd go to an ER. You know- numbness of hands (his feet already are numb), vomiting, seeing blood anywhere that he shouldn't be seeing it, etc., etc. 
He said he would and I trust his friend to keep watch. 
But damn. 
My poor baby. 

And then I took a nap because, well...I could. 

Ah, life. 

I've got potatoes and eggs for the potato salad cooked and my phone is charged to 98% and I got six eggs today and I need to wrap Owen's presents and President Petulant Child is threatening nuclear war and also NFL players with equal ferver and here are two pictures. 

Firespike. I have rooted and transplanted this particular plant all over my yard. This is one of the ones I planted by the front gate. Nothing makes me happier than seeing things which I have planted thrive.

And I have no idea what this plant is. Do you? I stole some from the yard next door where they grow abundantly, when the house was vacant and I believe this is the third year it's been in the ground and the first year it's bloomed here. I can't find it online. 

I suppose I should go chop celery and onions and pickles and eggs. 
I surely hope my man is okay. 

Who sent this book to August and me?  

It came to the Post Office today with no identifying sender other than Amazon. 
It's such a darling book. I can't wait to read it to August and Maggie, too. 
Please let me know if you did. I would like to thank you properly. 

See you tomorrow. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Could your plant be giant salvia?

  2. I hope Mr. Moon will be good for the party. Falls as we age are never good, especially with wasps.

    1. Seriously. I also hope he's good for the three-hour drive home.

  3. Poor Mr Moon! I hope he's ok.

    Steaks, pork chops, AND ribs? Good god. That boy is a carnivore for sure!

    1. He has been called The Steak Monster at times. But he does love fruits and vegetables too.'s all good.

  4. The seasonal pictures of what you have blooming in your yard are a favorite of mine. The last week or so has been awesome :). I think the record player for Owen is a seriously perfect gift for him and it is perfect to have come from you since he's spent so much time listening to records with you. That birthday party menu sounds devine!

    1. I'm glad you like those pictures because they sure do roll around regularly. It just seems that the seasons come faster and faster every year.
      I hope that Owen likes the record player. I think he will. But then again- you never know. I sure do love that boy.

  5. Love the roosters who, despite being dinosaurs, behave like gentlemen while the daily fuckery is a sandbox flinging situation. Melania has said she has two children, a small one and a big horrid one.

    Well, the apocalypse apparently didn't blow us to smithereens, glad about that. Planted some crocus and narcissus bulbs in the off chance that we're still here next spring.

    Love and kisses,


    1. " the off chance we're still here next spring."
      I love you, Beth.

  6. Oh goodness -- I hope Mr. Moon recovers quickly. The fall sounds awful, and I'm sure you hated being so far away.

    1. Well, I knew that his buddy would insist he go to the ER if anything looked hinky. He's on his way home right now and says he's okay.

  7. I hope he didn't fall from too great a height. falling off a ladder is never good. I wish my firespike would bloom. and giant salvia looks nothing like salvia but I might have to find some. japanese glorybower.

    1. Yeah! I didn't get the exact details of how far he fell. Maybe I didn't really want to know.
      Yes- the giant salvia is also known as Japanese Glorybower. It is a glory when it blooms! The leaf is nice as well.

  8. Well, damn, just catching up on this post. No wonder you woke with anxiety. Until you have your man back under your watchful eye and care, you're not going to feel quite settled. I'm so sorry he had that fall. He'll need some pampering and encouragement to be still for a spell, which is not easy for him, I know. Sending love, dear Mary.

  9. I a commenting late and hope Mr. Moon is okay now.

  10. LOL -- I guess there's no danger Owen's going to become a vegetarian! Not anytime soon, anyway. :)

    Sorry about Mr. Moon's fall. I hope he's OK. And I have no idea what that plant is either, but I'm sure I've seen it before.

    1. Oh, and now I see the comments above. Giant salvia! Who knew?!


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