Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Weather Report

I've been up for about an hour and a half and have gone through my first wave of awakening anxiety. Obsessively checking the forecasts for Irma which is now officially being called the strongest Atlantic hurricane in recorded history.
Have you ever been in winds of ninety or a hundred miles an hour?
Double that.


Supposedly the storm is taking a bit more of an easterly track right now which would put it more on the east coast of Florida (duh) but the storm is so huge that no matter where in the state it is, everyone is going to feel it. And it's so hard to wish for it to shift and avoid you, knowing that you have beloveds everywhere in the state who are going to be affected. Not that any of us have magical powers but our superstitious ancestor genes make us feel sometimes as if we do.

I'm just letting the fear run out of my fingers here. It's still hot and muggy and Jessie is going to bring August out for me to play with for a few hours so she can get some things done. She's going to brave the Costco today. So that will be cheering for me, to hang out with that sweet boy. To feed the goats and chickens, to read books and play with blocks. To maybe rock on the porch swing until he falls asleep for his nap.

Life goes on.

Good morning from Florida.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I sure am thinking of you, Mary. Take care.

  2. I am thinking about you and others in path of this beast along with worries on what might happen if it hits us up north , also a distinct possibility. I feel selfish not having the depth of fear that I know I should have about those small island where people will be obliterated if the full fury of this storm hits and huge losses even with residual passing through. Many there have so little. We lost a lot monetarily with Sandy, but being of privilege, were able to move along without enormous personal pain and suffering. My dear one in Houston underwent inconvenience rather than devastation, and are privileged to be assisting as they please in build back efforts. My son says there are many who are just stripped of everything and they had so little before. Heart wrenching. And those on these little island who may take first hits to slow down Irma have less still. So I just pray and home that all human life get some sanctuary in this storm.

  3. Irma is a beast. Enjoy your day with August.

  4. Thank you for the post. I am afraid to tell you I'm praying for you but I am. I think you'd approve of my particular brand of prayer. Not religious, spiritual. Please, no offense. All to say I care a lot.

  5. This is the part I hate the most, the unrelenting anxiety. I'll have ptsd before it gets here. We are pretty much screwed in South Florida, just a matter of how badly. Stay safe dear Mary.

  6. I got caught in a storm once with straight line winds of, reportedly, 60-80 mph. My Chevy Blazer felt like it was going to flip and there were trees dropping all around me. I truly thought I was going to die. So no, I can not begin to imagine being in winds of Irma's strength. Absolutely terrifying!
    Sending out prayers, energy, thoughts, vibes and a little mojo to any and all gods and goddesses to keep the dear Moons safe (that would include chickens, cats and dogs). Thank you for keeping us up to date, you know some of us are terrible worriers (me). Stay safe. Love to all.

  7. Nature always reminds us of the Power it has and the Respect we must always show it. I Hope you weather the storm well, something of this magnitude is indeed scary stuff!

  8. thinking of you, your family and friends.....and all those in Florida and the path of this storm. Hope you will weather it (not intending the pun) well and safely. Not your first go-round....... but the anxiety must be rampant all around....... at the mercy of our dear Mother Earth and all she dishes out. She must be pretty pissed (and I don't blame her) but really? must she be so violent about it? Sending love Susan M.

  9. Yeah, my mom and brother and right in its projected path. Nightmare! It could still change course, though, as you say.

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