Thursday, September 14, 2017

Are You Kidding Me?

Even though I got to hang out with this guy for a few hours today

and he did not make one fuss, not ONE, and we had a very good time and threw goldfish crackers into each other's mouths which is hysterical, and read a bunch of books and played with toys and made a fort...even though all of that...


Why? (First World Problem Alert) My air conditioner is not working. 
This damn thing has been one problem after another for thirteen years and everyone who works on it says the same thing, "Well, I've never seen this happen with this unit before."


I'm sure life will go on. 

But I'm still pissed. 


  1. I have never had an air conditioner last that long. Maybe it's time for new one?

    1. This is the sort of unit that should last for decades. Heat and air. Whatever you call that. But yeah, it may be time...

  2. No AC when you need it? Problem. Little kid at your table? Joy.
    Hope somebody figures out how to fix it -- fast.

  3. Super annoying! I hope they iron out the problem! But I think Allison may be right -- how long does an a/c unit in Florida usually last? It seems like we had to replace ours every 15 years or so.

  4. window unit? never had central air after leaving my natal home until the house in the country. and right in the middle of one summer about 5 or 6 years ago it died. I think when we remodel the back bedroom I might have a window unit put in because the blower for the central air just does not really get that far back and it's always warmer in that room.

  5. I say get a new AC. Being too hot is not fun. Thank beezus we're lucky enough to have a choice.


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