Saturday, September 9, 2017

Being Here Now. For Now.

Irma is tracking ever more westerly and if it enters the gulf, we're going to have to think about leaving. Which is a horrible thought. Traffic is gridlocked.

This is absolutely maddening.

I just talked to a dear friend down in Tampa. She has two children and her husband is determined to stay there with the house and she doesn't know what to do. Of course I told her she can come here but...what if we have to leave?

No one knows what the right thing to do is. No one.

We have absolutely no rooms in this house that don't have windows. The center hallway was built for cross ventilation which...well.

The good news is that when this house was built they used real wood and built it strong.

Anyway, I need to breathe, to try and calm down. If you looked at me right now you would not see an overtly freaking woman but inside I'm a mess.
My babies.
My friends.

It's going to be all right. Mr. Moon promised.
"We'll be fine," he said.

I need to ground myself. I need to stay focused and not float away on a cloud of disassociation which would do not good for anyone.

All will be revealed. Breathe. Etc.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Hugs, Mary. Wish I could pop by with a valium for you. Valium saved my sanity yesterday. In all my years in Florida, I've never seen anything like this. Your closet under the stairs might be a good safe zone. We've cleared space in all our closets for that. Praying to the animal gods everyone in this weird, beautiful state is safe.

  2. Holding you and yours in my heart.

  3. I've been thinking about you and reflecting that your house has stood through hundreds of storms, your house will be fine. And if you have to leave, will you all go somewhere together? That will ease your heart. I am praying hard for you all. Breathe. You'll know what to do when the time is right. Love.

  4. Mary, I have an extra bed, two sofas, and an air mattress and I'm right off I-95 in Florence, SC if you need a place to go. Just say the word.

  5. Thank you so much, Jennifer! I really appreciate that. I think we'll be fine here. But if we have to leave...

    1. You are very welcome, you and your family, if need be. ❤

  6. At least you have the knowledge that your home, old as it is, has survived many hurricanes. It's built strong, as you said. I'd be more worried in a new home than one like yours.

    I'm scared to death for everyone I know in Tampa.

  7. Mary, I know Florida has been hit by hurricanes before. Has your family been caught in a bad one previously? Do you have experience with evacuating and such? I tried to look this up on your blog archive without success. I am holding all of you in my heart. My Miami friend evacuated. Another has not decided yet. Your house sounds strong and sturdy. Can you drive to each other in a hurricane? I have no experience/no idea. I'm sure you have a plan with your kids. I love you.

  8. I just hate this!! I want you up here far away from Irma.LOVE !! oh and when somebody tells me It's going to just flight response takes charge...I never trust being told that, past experience.

  9. A friend in West Palm Beach is dug in for the weekend and sounding remarkably steady. Trust your good Mr Moon! Wishing good luck to
    all of you, such good luck!

  10. It looks like that fickle bitch will be plowing through our trailer park in Palmetto. I'm sick to my stomach about what kind of devastation she'll leave, but I'm absolutely in a dither about friends and family there. Some are hunkered down, and I want to scream at them to get out, while others are together in shelters. I live there six months a year, and all I can do is worry, cry, and watch the weather.

  11. I am holding to the words of wise Mr. Moon. He seems like a trustworthy man.

  12. More hugs from Vermont! Trust me Vermont hugs are good ones...

  13. thank you for this your broadcast provided bright clear concept..


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