Thursday, September 7, 2017

Freak or Fly? Who Knows? But Here We Are

This whole storm-watch thing is maddening. We pin our hopes and our plans on one forecast track and then, a few hours later, the computer models show a different track. One which has us thinking about evacuation again, or at least more preparation.
Florida is running short on gas. Many stores run out of bottled water the second they unload the truck. This sort of disturbs me. What's wrong with tap water? I am filling up juice bottles and freezing them and whatever else plastic bottles I can find to wash out and clean. They will help the freezer stay colder longer should we lose power for days and when they thaw, we can drink them if need be. You can be damn sure that I'll be filling up the bathtubs. Flushing toilets without running water is a problem and quite frankly, one I'd like to have a solution for that doesn't involve bottled water.
We've got plenty of food and I'll just lock the chickens up in the coop if it comes to that. It's pretty sturdy and for that, I am grateful to Mr. Moon. There are things in the yard which should be tucked away somewhere but some of them are just too big for any space we have. A few vehicles and a boat, for sure.
I hear the highways are filling up with traffic and when I came home from town today the westbound lane of I-10 was notably busier than the eastbound.
I need to move my porch plants. I'm not sure where. I guess back to the wall of the porch. A few of the lighter ones probably need to come in.
And all of this depends on...the forecast.

Of course.


Meanwhile, as I keep saying, life goes on.
I had to get my teeth cleaned this morning and although I dreamed last night that I missed my appointment and then could not find my phone nor remember the name of my dentist, I made it there with plenty of time to spare and remembered my dentist's name easily and my hygienist's too.
That was just one more little anxiety trigger but I survived and my teeth are fine.
After that I met Jessie and August for lunch at the buffet which has everything from curries to fried rice and one freezer with desserts and one refrigerator with desserts. August enjoyed everything today and he wanted Jello for his dessert. He'd never had Jello before. Never even seen Jello before, so we were interested to see what he did with it.
He poked his finger in it mostly. That made him happy. What a fun food!

He didn't really like the taste so much, though, and didn't eat much of it. He much preferred the miniature cheesecakes which are the size of a candy. 
The boy has good taste. 

After lunch I went across the road to the Goodwill which I have not done for a long time. I got some nice things including lace curtains for Lily, a shirt that might do for Jessie after her baby is born, soft and easily nursey accessible. I found a braided rug and some beautiful placemats which inspired me to throw out some of my oldest ones. I also got a nice linen dress and a small leather bag which I looked up online and which you can buy new, now, for almost two hundred dollars and I paid nine. It's obviously been used but not abused and I rather love it. 

And so overall, it's been a good day and even the temperature and humidity have been a lot more comfortable but in a way, that only adds to the feeling of things not quite being real. It's as if we are caught here in some land between knowing and not-knowing, action and in-action, paradise and terrifying hell. They're saying that until Saturday morning, we really won't know for sure where this storm is going. 
And even then...

I wish we had more flashlights but forget finding a one on the shelves around here. Some lamp oil would be good for my lanterns but's all been sold. And thus, we shall just make do as needs must. 

Here. Look at this.

A blue egg to go with the green one I got yesterday. Owl and Lucy are in business. 

Talk to you tomorrow. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Good that you have a boat (or two?). Hope you don't need them, though. At least not with regard to Irma.

  2. Stay safe Mary. We are fleeing in your general direction. North Florida has got to be better than south florida for riding this monster out.

  3. I'm thinking of you and your family.
    And I agree about the bottled water.

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  5. I am thinking about you all and hoping and praying the storm passes you by. Be safe dear Moons.

  6. You are on our UK news and I am thinking of you and yours and all in the possible path of Irma. We had a tippler toilet when I was a kid. You needed water to flush but it didnt need to be running water and you would not dream of using fresh water to flush it. I bet Mr Moon could make one. Maggi x

  7. I'm one of your non-commenting readers, but yours was the first blog I checked tonight to see how you all are doing. You're in many readers' thoughts, I expect. Stay safe.

  8. I never thought about what jello would be like to a toddler baby. So cute. It looks like we're all tracking Irma and hoping you will be spared. Thinking of all of you❤️

  9. Hi Mary, just letting you know I am thinking of you. I do hope that prick Irma either leaves you alone or at least treats you lightly. Maybe she'll expend most of her venom on Mar a Lago, or am I being too nasty? If so, tough shit. And yes, I know Dickface himself won't be anywhere near Mar a Lago, when, if, Irma hits, so, I don't really want, oh shit, I think you know what I mean. I just hope all is well with you and those you love.{{{hugs}}}

  10. Holding you and all the Moons close to my heart. May you be safe and together. Sending love. N2

  11. Those are the prettiest eggs! Irma has the whole state in a panic. I've just spent half an hour on the phone trying to get my mom and brother squared away on evacuation plans. From London! (Long story.)

  12. We have well water too, so we fill up big garbage cans with water, it has saved us during both hurricanes and blizzards. NJ gets both. Hoping you all stay safe. Sue

  13. For one, you survived the dentist, so pretty much the world's struggles and troubles are yours to vanquish. For second, you are wise and resourceful. You'll be hot on all of our minds, none of us doubting you'll ride this one out in style.

    Also, FWIW, i had a similar situation this spring where I was compulsively checking and re-checking forecasts. I had to let go for a week or two for my sanity, but it all turned out alright, and far less crazy than predicted. Peace to you and yours Miss Moon!

  14. Another non-commenting reader, but I go to your blog first each day. Your joy in your daily life warms my heart and soothes my head. Will be worrying about you.


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