Sunday, September 10, 2017

We're Still Here

Lisa-Lisa, Redheaded Lisa Whom We Adore got in last night with her two kids who are awesome children. They are about ten and twelve, I think, and they are absolutely entranced with the chickens. They have fed chickens, they have gathered eggs and we have eaten eggs.
They're a great age, pretty independent but very mannerly and I think they like being here a lot, which is good.

The sky is gray and we're still getting gusts but they are gentle gusts. I think our whole crowd is staying for the storm. Jessie woke up and thought she might want to leave and they packed up what they needed but then Vergil went and got plywood to board windows and they have tons of supplies AND a basement AND a generator AND their house is brick and on high ground so they should be good and I think they're going to stay too. Mr. Moon has gone into town to get a sheet of plywood to board up the one window in the dining room and we can make that our bunker room if we feel it's necessary. Lily says she's already cried a few times and has been in and out of the bathroom but she's okay. Publix decided to close at noon instead of five so Jason will be home soon and she'll feel better. I think we need to make yet another scale for a storm- the toilet paper roll scale.
If you are going through more than one roll of toilet paper a day for a small amount of people, there's probably stress happening. The more rolls, the more stress represented.
I have lots of extra toilet paper.

And so we wait. We should start seeing some real weather late tonight and the brunt of it should be here by early afternoon tomorrow. I've seen predictions as scattered as pick-up-sticks on the floor. Pick the one you like- winds of 110 mph or winds of 65 mph. Everything in between.

As long as a tree doesn't fall on us, we'll be okay. And frankly, people rarely die when a tree falls on their house. As May pointed out, the tree has to go through the roof before it hits you which lessens the impact. And in our house, it would have to go through the top floor, too.
Not that I want a tree to fall on us. I really don't.

Now excuse me please. I need to go to the bathroom.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I am intensely thinking about all of you.

  2. I almost wish I was there riding out the storm with you all--a big hurricane party with the Moon clan is guaranteed to include good food, babies to love on, card games by candlelight--because I'm certain you're all going to be safe and sound.

    Please keep checking in with updates as you can!


  3. ty for the update. stay safe <3


  4. I love to think of you all together there holding each other. Stay safe dear one.

  5. I've been wondering about you all. Glad it seems your spirits are high as well as your toilet paper roll count. Xoxo.

  6. Drink, drug, tp. Anything you need to do. Watching the news now.

  7. Thinking of you all Maggi x

  8. I'm glad you're all prepared. I'm trying my best to stay on top of the news from here!

  9. Sending good thoughts your way!


  10. Just stay safe, and keep the children safe.

  11. I went to a family reunion today, full of angst about the other side of my family hunkered down in Sarasota and Bradenton. Eleven people asked if our winter place is safe (how many ways can I say NO?), my friend texted me a video of Duvall Street with about five feet of running water, and my cousin texted me that a tree fell on their garage in Sarasota and there are electric wires buzzing in the street. So of course I did the adult thing....I ran into their private bathroom, had a good cry and a scary nervous stomach incident, then used the nervous stomach as my reason to leave. I don't think I'd be so upset about it if I was the not knowing that's makin' me crazy!!!

  12. Hoping everyone comes out just fine. The Moons and their guests and chickens and cats. What do cats do in storms like this? Because when a cat wants out there is little to do but let them out.

  13. I'm thinking about y'all constantly. May all the trees and winds fall only on Mar a Lago.


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