Thursday, February 19, 2015

Well. News

Do you remember this day?
If not, you can go here and read about it, if you want. It was the day of Kathleen's memorial service and all of my children were there and didn't we look happy?

Approximately three minutes after that picture was taken, we were even happier.

Can you guess? 

When Jessie and Vergil came over before the service to help me with the food they told Glen and me they had something to tell us, which was all they needed to say. 
I screamed, I cried. Glen did too. Well, he cried. He didn't scream.
There were such hugs and there was such happiness. And then, right before the memorial service, we gathered everyone outside so that Jessie and Vergil could give the whole family the news together.

My baby is having a baby. 

This child is due at the end of September which is when his or her daddy's birthday is, when his or her Aunt Lily's birthday is, when his or her cousin Owen's birthday is. When Billy has his birthday and Shayla too. 
Oh, these after-Christmas babies!

Jessie and Vergil wanted to keep the news in the family for awhile. You know. And they wanted to go up to Asheville to tell Vergil's grandmother in person although his mama and stepfather and sister already knew. So they went to Asheville and told Grandmother last week and now they're back and telling people, a little bit at a time. Jessie is a little over nine weeks. She's had an appointment with the midwife, Diana. The same midwife who helped Lily with Gibson. She very much wants a home birth and we are all hoping that for her. She was born at home and so was Vergil. She is strong and healthy, she feels well, just a little uneasy in the tummy, mostly in the evenings. 

And she is glowing and gorgeous.
The day they told us, Vergil looked at his wife and then said to me, "Isn't she beautiful?" and oh, yes, she is, and so is he.

And so things are moving apace, although these are early days. I was talking to Jessie the other day about her desire not to announce things too early and I told her, "This is YOUR baby and YOUR decision and that is the way it is. And that is the way it's always going to be and let me tell you right now that I am not going to tell you how to do anything. If you want my advice you can ask me. But no one in the world has ever given birth to this baby and that's all there is to it."

And I mean that. 
But this morning I texted her and asked if I could write this post today and she said I could. And so I have.

Some of you have been reading here since before Jessie and Vergil even met. You have been through all this from the beginning, from their dancing in the hallway to their beautiful wedding, to their move back to Tallahassee. 

And now this. 

This miracle, this joy, this sweetness. This right-ness.

This much more love. 

Well. That's what I came here to tell you about today and now I have done so.

It is a beautiful cold day in Lloyd. Just writing all these words down and looking at these pictures again has cheered me so. I think it has been hard for me to really believe this is happening and this makes it a little more real for me. You know, in my heart, Jessie is still my very own back-pocket baby. I carried her in a sling for three years. She was such a tiny thing then and even though my own eyes tell me that she most definitely is a grown woman now, it's difficult to wrap my mind around that truth. 
But she is. A grown woman married to a grown man who works so hard and is going to get that kitchen finished soon and they are going to bring this baby into the world with love and that baby will be received in love. 

Lucky baby.

Lucky family. 

I am so grateful for this new gift to soon be given unto us.

And so happy to share. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Congratulations to the happy parents and grandparents to be! Good just keeps on coming!

  2. Congratulations to Jessie, and I do remember well her meeting him and the instant love the two of them shared. I figured this announcement would be coming sooner or later =) I'm very glad for your family. It is cliché to say, but you are all very blessed.

  3. Congratulations to Jessie, and I do remember well her meeting him and the instant love the two of them shared. I figured this announcement would be coming sooner or later =) I'm very glad for your family. It is cliché to say, but you are all very blessed.

  4. Oh, joy--the promise of new life in this deep, dark winter. Can't wait to "meet" your newest little grandbaby!

  5. Congratulations to everyone!!! Such wonderful news!!!

  6. When I saw Jessie at Kathleen's service I had a suspicion but don't even ask me why. I am so happy for the whole family. My love to all.

  7. Oh!!!! Blessings all round! Sweet wonderful news.
    Love and hugs to you MerMer.

  8. A new baby! A new baby's head to smell! What wonderful news! Think of the possibilities! This new person will have the boys to teach him or her the way to Mer's heart....though I suspect he or she has already got a place there. Congrats to all of you!!!

  9. She is absolutely glowing in the pictures. Congratulations to all! Gail

  10. How lovely! Congratulations all around, and - enjoy to the fullest!

  11. Oh, hooray! I think I'm saying a special Chinese new year prayer this morning for Jessie and Vergil and their baby. May all be well!

  12. What a beautiful family, with more joy to come! Congratulations to you all!

  13. Mary, what wonderful news. This community here, it is real, because as I read your words, tears of pure joy sprang to my eyes and I felt as happy as if I had once held baby Jessie herself in my arms. I have indeed been reading here since before she and Virgil met. I remember the dancing in the hallway, and how powerfully moved i was by their wedding. And now this. Lucky baby. Precious family. xo

  14. Oh Mary, how wonderful! I am tickled pink! I hope it's a healthy baby girl! Or boy. But it would be fun to have a girl too. Look, it's all of our baby! Please tell Jesse and Virgil congratulations!

  15. Florence- Thank you!

    SJ- I think you've been here from the beginning. So yeah, you're about to become an aunt again!
    And we are blessed. Absolutely.

    Llyn- I imagine we'll take a few pictures when the time comes. Probably.

    Sue Johnson- Thank you so much!

    Jan- Because she just looks like she's about as gorgeous as a woman can look. Maybe?
    Isn't this going to be a pretty baby? Oh my. Wouldn't Kathleen have loved to hear this news?

    Ms. Yo- Yes! Joy! Thank you dear, and love and hugs back.

    Catrina- Yes. I feel certain that all of my grandchildren who are yet to come, have places in my heart and are just waiting for the right moment to bust open!

    Gail- I agree. It was such a beautiful day and Jessie made it all that much more gorgeous.

    Ramona- Thank you, sweetie!

    John Gray- Well, it is sweet. We adore babies around this joint. And Jessie has always and forever wanted to be a mama.

    jenny_o- I think we will.

    Elizabeth- Thank you. All good wishes are blessed.
    And appreciated.

    Sylvia- I think so! Thank you.

    Angella- Isn't it wonderful, this community? I love how we share it all. I love knowing that you are happy about this baby in real life. I love being able to share joy like this.

    Joanne- Well, we'd all like to see a girl but we do love our boys. We shall get what we get! And we will be overjoyed! I will tell Jessie and Vergil that you send them congratulations. Thank you, sweet Jo.

  16. I remember so well when you 'introduced' Virgil to us here, and I could tell there was something special with them <3

  17. I read and read your blog and it brings me joy here in England and we have exchanged a couple of e mails but I don't comment for reasons too tedious to relate and which I am not prepared to stop me any longer. This is glorious news. I am so so happy for all of you. CONGRATULATIONS to all. By the way I know you like the Great British Bake Off which I cannot bear but there it is LOL Did you know there is the Great British Sewing Bee as well. Now in it's second season with also a celeb one for charity. Anyway although I am nowt but an offcumden to you I feel like I know you and I could not be more delighted for you and your family Best wishes Mags xxx

  18. Congratulations to everyone! That is such great news! :)

  19. Congratulations and blessings!

  20. Wonderful news. Congratulations to all.

  21. Such joyful news and how cheering on a sad day of saying goodbye to your dear friend. I am delighted for you and her dad, and the two young ones bringing this new life into the world.. just as it should be, and the news is uplifting, this is what life is all about, and she and he are glowing.... cannot wait to hear whether its a boy or girl.. whatever happens, this is truly a joyful bit of news.. hugs all round from across the pond..

  22. Congrats to you all. I'm so happy for your family.

  23. Oh, Ms. Moon! That is just the best and happiest of news.

    I love that you called Jessie your back-pocket baby. What a great term. My daughter was teeny tiny (18 pounds at a 18 months) and I carried her everywhere. She was just too small to put down. Oh those times were precious.

  24. And my goodness your May looks like you!

  25. Ahhh, the circle of life continues. The hopes & dreams & joy of new life...holiness. Blessings and much love to your beautiful tribe.
    Angie D

  26. Well, I suppose we've all been kinda waiting for this lovely moment. What a blessed thing, though. Congratulations to you all - your wonderful family is swelling all the more! xx

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  28. Such beautiful news. We're really happy for you all. I told Steph it makes sense considering Jessie is around the little ones so often.

  29. Sometimes my mom would actually bite her tongue so as not to give me advice about my babies unless I asked her.

    Wonder how many babies are going to be born in and around Boston next October and November?

  30. Maggie May- I think we all knew. She knew before I met him. She knew when SHE met him, I do believe. And so it goes...

    Mags- I have just read about the Sewing Bee. I want to watch it so much! I don't know if we can get it here. I will watch for it.
    Thank you for being here, for reading, for commenting, for being happy with us. So much.

    Steve Reed- Isn't it? The best news always involves a baby.

    A- Thank you! We will take that!

    Crystal Chick- Thank-you!

    Janzi- Won't it be exciting to see who we get? Thank you and hugs back across the pond to you.

    Not Blank- And that makes me happy.

    Birdie- And can you imagine your girl having a baby? Oh my. It is something. And yes, May does look so much like me. And sounds like me too.

    Mrs. A- Thanks!

    Angie D- We shall populate the earth! Haha.

    Jo- Yes. We knew it would happen and now it is happening. Fulfillment.

    Jon- Jessie works with the little ones because she loves them so much. And now she will have one of her own!

    Peace Thyme- It has been very easy not to bite my tongue around Lily. She is such a fabulous mother. I can only assume it will be the same with Jessie.
    And as to your question- A WHOLE HELL OF A LOT!

  31. I got a little bit choked up! What a gorgeous girl Jessie is. Your whole family just glows, all your children and grandchildren. Deepest congrats, Mama Moon.

  32. I recall looking at that wonderful family photo on that day and thinking......Jessie does look particularly radiant. Not that unusual......but she caught my eye and I felt something different in her. Many congratulations all around..... what joyful news!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Susan M

  33. I love the way your family holds each other in photos-always a hand entwined with another, a cheek on a cheek. It's gorgeous and true and you are all so damn lucky!

  34. Sewing bee in third not second season sorry. On the BBC. Mags xx

  35. Looks like I picked a good day to read your blog! Congratulations!! Grandbabies are the best and this sure is one lucky grandbaby to be born into a family so full of love. I'll keep my eye on you guys.....
    Cousin Susie

  36. I remember when they met. And I remember you once told her she was falling in love with this man from another state and she'd move away and have her babies in another place and you made her cry and didn't mean to. Well she came home to have those babies :)

  37. Oh this love is too much- from my mama and family, and now all the bloggy family too. Thank you all so very much for the kind, loving words. I feel so damn lucky to be living the life that I'm living, and for my mama to be recording it for me to see and reflect on through her eyes. Vergil and I are doing great and I'm just looking forward to each new day of this pregnancy/being a mama adventure. Thanks again blog family for being there for my mama and my family.

  38. Ms. Vesuvius- Thank you, thank you!

    Susan M- That was the most emotional day and yes, Jessie was very much glowing.

    Ashley- We're pretty physical folks around here. Which I love.
    And we are all so damn lucky.

    Denise- Yes, m'am!

    Mags- Thanks!

    Cousin Susie- Thanks, honey! Our family just keeps getting bigger!

    Jill- I am so mean! Vergil said that they could get married in Asheville, have babies in Tallahassee. He is the dearest man.

    Honeyluna- You are so loved, my darling. Thank you so much for letting me share this adventure. Kisses to you and to Vergil and to that tiny bean.

  39. Congratulations Ms. Moon to you and your family. It is such beautiful news. Biggest smile I've had today.

  40. What joyful news! I had a feeling when they moved back home that Jesse would soon have a bun in the oven. So happy for you all! x0x0x0 N2

  41. There is nothing in the world sweeter than a grandchild. I wish you great happiness. Enjoy!

  42. Such great news! I am happy for them. They seem so much in love. That is what it is all about.


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