Monday, February 16, 2015

One Thing After Another

Okay. Drones. I don't get them. Does Amazon really send out little tiny planes to drop off packages at your front door? I just...seriously? Does this happen? Where do they come from? Who is directing these tiny planes? Do they run into hummingbirds? If so, who wins?
I think I may have read an article about them once and my brain immediately refused to let any of the actual information enter it. NO! It screamed. And then it put it's little gray brainy fingers in its little gray brainy ears and shouted LA-LA-LA-LA-LA! in its little gray brainy voice.

Okay. Speaking of articles. I finally read this one from the New Yorker by Michael Pollan entitled The Trip Treatment.

It's a very, very interesting article about studies in the use of psilocybin to treat, most specifically, the anxiety, fear and depression experienced by those with life-threatening cancer. But it touches on a lot of other uses for the drug (and LSD) in other mental health problems. Anxiety, depression, OCD, various forms of addiction. It points out that a whole hell of a lot of such studies were being done in the fifties and sixties and then were all shut down despite some amazing results.
I am not surprised about THAT. What government would want a citizenry full of people who could see right through the fear-based, militarized, capitalistic culture we call ours? Who know, really and truly, that all is one and all which that means on the most basic and primal and true level. From the cellular to the universal. I found it interesting to read in the article that many people who take the drug in controlled circumstances do reach that conclusion- ALL IS ONE- just as I did in my very non-controlled experiments back in the seventies. Not only reach that conclusion but understand it and incorporate it into their very psyches.
Plus, Big Pharma can't make any bucks off this one because psilocybin has already been invented and in most cases, one or maybe two doses is all it takes to make the changes being sought.
All right. I'm not going to soap-box this one but I'm just going to say that it's a very fine article and that yes, I am overdue for booster shot, if you will. I will not be traveling to any of the venerated institutions where these studies are being done but will choose my time, place, and companion(s) carefully which is what we did back in the olden days all on our own.

Now. On to the next thing. The 40th Anniversary show of Saturday Night Live. How did I not know this was going to be on? Jesus Christ. I missed it. I am so pissed. I'm sure I can find the whole thing on the internet to watch somewhere but it's not going to be quite the same.
Shit, shit, shit.
Not only was Keith Richards on it but Bill Murray too!
Shit, shit, shit, shit, SHIT!

And. Have you seen this?

Have I told you, President Obama, how much I love you lately?

You can watch the entire almost two-minute video HERE if you want. It's precious.

So that's about it. I've had a relaxing day where no one needed me and I didn't worry about getting shit done. I even took a nap with Maurice. Besides taking my walk and doing a little laundry and making Mr. Moon's snack bag and coffee drink for his trip down to Orlando, I just haven't done much. And I am fine with that. In fact, I am thrilled with that. I'm still having an uncomfortable level of anxiety although, as you can see, I can still laugh.
Thank all my lucky stars and totems and chickens and ducks and Celexa and probably the hallucinogens I took in my youth for that.
And love. "It's all about love," is another thing that people in the psilocybin experiment realized.

The Great British Bake Off is on tonight. I'll be watching it.
While eating my frozen spinach pizza with mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes.

If I can stay up that late.

What's keeping you alive and functioning? Any household tips? Decorating advice? Deep philosophical and cosmic words? Fashion tips?

Does aromatherapy actually work?

Love and kisses...Ms. Moon


  1. I read that article and it made me think about Kesey and how he said you're either on the bus or you're off the bus. These people were either off the bus or they were born too late.

  2. Ha! Obama rules!

    Drones are real. I know because I listened to someone today drone on and on and one for 45 minutes without taking a breath.

  3. Hello Mary! I've been playing catchup on my blog reading, and this is one of those long comment days... Drones for delivery, next thing we'll have is pirate drones and drone crashes into buildings, people and each other, won't we?

    Oh, I'm due for a booster shot too. I read the same article and wondered why it is so hard for modern medicine to accept naturally occurring and centuries old drugs that are proven over and over again to have positive uses. I'm ready for an anxiety adjustment too. A friend of ours, not even 50 died suddenly last week, and it's really got me reeling. He was happy, healthy and such a great guy and bam, gone in an instant, heart, I think, which is ironic because he had so much heart and love in his life. Well, you can imagine the brain worms that has caused. I'm trying to embrace the day, and not panic about the odds that could be me, which are probably quite higher than his were, or missing the things he'll miss - our daughters are the same age - or worrying if my affairs are in order should the same fate await me. I am not a prayer, but I often wish for luck, and I know I've already been luckier than I deserve. So, strange mood this week.

    Next topic, the kids and I watched the SNL special together and we laughed and laughed, it was wonderful, except for the music performances being a bit off - Kanye West - UGH. It was creepy too, to see how old we have all gotten, and to realize that my entire adult life has been witness to that show, I grew up watching it and then I grew old watching it. It is worth seeing and you can probably catch it online, or if you have comcast, you can watch it on demand after 2/20. Bill Murray was wonderful, and Keith was only on for a few seconds, but still... watch it with someone and laugh.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, it is always fun to stop by and visit and chat as if we were sitting here. xo

  4. Cute video. :)

    Some days I don't know what keeps me functioning. I baked cornbread and a made a pot of chicken orzo soup today.
    It's freezing cold here now and we're expecting snow. I get a bit uptight before a storm. A hot bath might help. Yes, aromatherapy sometimes helps. Lavender is quite nice.

  5. This:

    What government would want a citizenry full of people who could see right through the fear-based, militarized, capitalistic culture we call ours? Who know, really and truly, that all is one and all which that means on the most basic and primal and true level. From the cellular to the universal.

    Yes indeed.

  6. I think that article in the New Yorker may change my life...I some point. More about that in a post of my own perhaps.
    Aromatherapy IS real.
    I took a nap with a Lucinda Williams album.
    I love Obama.
    I missed SNL too.
    Love is all there is.
    Lingerie is lovely...but I know you hate bras.

  7. I wish I had thought to tell you about SNL, I watched on and off for 2 weeks on AMC, I think. I thought of you as I saw Bill Murray several times. I hope it is on the internet somewhere. For the psilocybin, I guess I was born too late. Drones are real, someone I know has one, I just saw it in it's case, not flying. In St. Pete I saw lost sign for a drone, on a light pole like the ones people post for lost dogs. Gail

  8. oh, psilocybin, my fave. and you are right, only takes once or twice to see and know and incorporate. I wouldn't mind doing some again. it's been a very long time. acid is easier to get but I think I'm over acid. but psilocybin, yah, I could do that again. hopefully big pharma won't get it's claws into it cause if they do they will poison it.

  9. I bought a drone to spy on my dipshit neighbors and their dogs due to ANOTHER scary pit bull attack. Seems The Man won't do anything about it unless you actually get them to magically appear at your house while being attacked! So ANGRY I was.

    But then I got high.
    And watched Bill Murray on SNL.

  10. Personally, I think our minds are powerful and perfectly made enough that we don't need any sort of boost from outside substances, natural or no, to see clear and heal. There are other ways of reaching a higher level of clarity, and it seems as though both methods are not permanent, and need "boosters" every now and then. If we could all realize that life needs to be taken in at great big gulps, and sometimes at quieter breaths, I don't think we need to add anything at all to the weirdness that life already is. MInd you, this is coming from someone who hasn't taken in anything stronger than caffeine in over fifteen years, because even the natural can be deadly to a great many of us (so my point of view is a bit different).

  11. Well, every time I get to smell one of these aromatised candles I get sick. So, yes, aromatherapy does work.

    Have you watched the video that comes with the article on psylocybin:

    It gives me hope, massively, for humankind.

  12. I haven't read that article yet but it sounds great. I am so behind on my New Yorkers. I think I'm carrying around three of them right now.

    As for drones and aromatherapy, I can't really shed any light on either subject. The whole Amazon drone thing is purely hypothetical, isn't it? I mean, they're not actually DOING it, I don't think. I just don't get how they're going to be able to send out drones to make deliveries. They couldn't possibly send one drone per order or the sky would be FULL of the things, and how can they pile up multiple orders on a single drone?

  13. Madame King- Perhaps both.

    Birdie- Haha!

    Mel- They're talking about drone pizza delivery? Oh well. No need to tip, I guess.
    I love you catch-up comments but I am so sorry to hear that you, too, are having anxiety. Jesus. Yes. Perhaps you, too, should do a booster dose. Wouldn't it be interesting if a whole bunch of us did this and wrote about it? I think it would. I am also so sorry to hear about your friend. Jesus. We never know, do we? Never.
    I WILL catch the show on Youtube. I must. And I heard what Keith's few seconds were like and I loved what he said! Big difference between his face and Sir Paul's, right?
    Anyway, thanks for taking the time to catch up and as always, I love you.

    Crystal Chick- Making soup and taking lavender baths is always helpful. I used to put my kids in a lavender bath when they weren't feeling well. It always made them feel better.

    Angella- Dangerous stuff, there, right?

    Denise- I adore you. Even if yes, I do hate bras.

    Gail- One of the criteria for people in that study is that they have never done a hallucinogenic drug before. And they range in all ages.
    Drones. What a strange world we live in.

    Joanne- It worked!

    Ellen Abbott- Do the mushrooms not grow where you are? They grow right out of cow shit here.
    I love that you love know what I'm talking about.

    Magnum- You rock my world. When you suddenly appear, at least. Sorry about the bull dog. Damn. That's scary.

    Chrissy- Well, you may be perfectly correct but I tend to think that almost every culture ever has experimented with different naturally occurring substances to expand and heal the mind. And some of us may need that. Others may not.

    Sabine- Yes! I watched the video. And I know what you mean.
    And I loved what you said about those candles. Haha!

    Steve- I'm so behind on my NY'er reading too. It's sad. As to the rest of it- I DON'T KNOW!!!!

  14. I cannot wait for my first drone drop from amazon because my UPS gal is a bitch and throws things.
    Now I'm going to read the article so I'll hopefully become enlightened before I go to bed. But yoga was pretty wonderful this morning, so it might be enough.

  15. I have worked a small drone before. Very cool. The photos are amazing. But I can see that there will be a problem with privacy. Can you imagine the news hounds sending up drones to get photos of celebrities lounging naked by the pool?

    And I love the President too. He is a great person. And he freakin' cares about the country and us. I just don't understand the hate that so many have for him. It is mind boggling.


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