Thursday, February 12, 2015


Another perfect day, ducks waddling, chickens scratching, sun shining like to break your heart.

I just read that the Pope told his people that not having children is selfish.
Why doesn't he have a bunch? I'm sure he could impregnate some willing Pope Groupies.

Am I going to hell?

I told a friend the other day that ironically, one of the reasons I am most firm in my belief that abortion should be legal and easily available is that I love my own children so much. I know what it means to raise a child and I know how I worry, even now that they are grown, endlessly, about their health, their happiness, their lives. I know that accepting the miracle of bringing a life into this world also means accepting the life-long responsibility of it. The never-ending fear for their safety.
You don't just pop a kid out and then move on with your life, tra-la-la.
And anyone who thinks that that is how it works is either insane or ignorant or completely unfit to raise a child.
When you say "yes" to a pregnancy, you are saying "yes" to completely changing your life and not everyone is either capable or desirous of doing that. And the result is often seen in children who are abused so severely that given the choice, they probably would say they wished they'd never been born.
Now do something about THAT, all you "pro-life" people who claim that every life is precious.

Well, that's my tiny rant for the day.

I am still struggling. I have much to do and cannot just hide in bed.

Here are my ducks.

Since it is true that the line between two points on any graph is always straight, then if one only has two ducks, are they always in a row?

I suppose.

I went out to pick camellias but the bees were having their way with the blossoms, nestling in the heart of them.
I left them where they were.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Pretty fucking selfish of the catholic church to turn a blind eye to the abused kids whose lives are oh-so-precious too. That disappoints me so much. I'm so tired of men, religion and baby debating. In that order. Kiss the ducks for me.

  2. right? selfish to not have kids says the guy who is celibate with no kids. the point should not be about morality where abortion is concerned but about safety. abortion is going to happen whether it's legal or not.

  3. I'm tired of the pontiff, er, pontificating about shit he knows nothing of. The churches should butt out of women's vagina's and people's bedrooms, and concentrate on actually helping people, rather than being a bunch of judgy fuckers.
    See you in hell Mary! I'll be in parking stall 667, right next to the beast.

  4. our ducks are always in a row. and i know just what you mean about babies. that is a commitment like no other, and not everyone is up for it. and thats okay.

    i am crazy as shit today. it soothes me to come here and sit on your porch and watch the ducks with you.


  5. *YOUR ducks, not *our. Mine are definitely not in a row at the moment.

  6. Hooray for ducks in a row.
    A wonderful rant. I'm with you like two ducks in a row. No matter where that sends us.
    Hope those bees get their business done so you can have some camellias. xo

  7. Ugh. I can't even. I thought he just told people they didn't need to be popping out all the babies all the time. And he's just been pontificating on how it's good to smack children... popey points dropping, swiftly...

  8. You're so right, having kids is a life-long game-changer. Not everyone wants to be or should be a parent. And with the science we have today, that should be possible. Aargh.

    I think having two ducks always in a row is genius :)

  9. Love the term "tiny rant". I'm gonna steal that. Not only are your ducks in a row, their little duck feet are sooo durn cute!

  10. Just what the world needs is more people. I know that reproducing is good for the Vatican coffers. That seems to be the only reason.


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