Wednesday, February 25, 2015

"Not Going To Kill You" Being The Operative Words

Well, I did go to the Waffle House, after I went to Publix after I got out of the dermatologist's office. I really like this doc. I was sitting in just one of the regular chairs when he came in and I pulled down my shirt over my shoulder and showed him my spots.
"Might be a little basal cell," he said. "It's not going to kill you."
Then I had to get in the chair with the light although they didn't make me take off my shirt and put on a gown and the nursey girl (who called me sweetheart and I liked that and she was pretty) deadened the area, as they say, and then he came in and said, "Now for that great smell," and he took a little slice of the places and off they'll go the lab. If it is basal cell (and I feel sure it is), they'll do a little surgery.
He shook my hand and somehow, I didn't get charged anything. What?
The hardest part was finding my way out of the joint and when I did, a woman who was also just leaving said, "Mary, do you remember me?" and surely I did. It was a woman who used to work with my friend Sue who died twenty years ago. We stood in the front entrance, out of the rain, and caught up with each other. We talked about Sue, how much we miss her still, to this day. I ended up crying a little and then we hugged and each got in our own cars and went off into our own worlds.
A true moment of sweetness.

I wandered around Publix and texted with May. I told her I didn't know what to cook and she suggested tuna lasagna and I thought that was a good idea and got the stuff I need for that.
I had to send her a picture of something I found in the Badia section.

I did not buy any although pinto beans are my favorite. But I like the way I make them just fine.

So I checked out with my tuna lasagna ingredients and then went to the Waffle house where I ate what you see above all though the bacon sucked and I did not eat most of it. It was absolutely the most pleasant time. I sat and read my book and took my time with those delicious hash browns with onions and that raisin toast and apple butter, listening in on conversations, the people behind me, the grill men flirting with the servers, the grayness outside, the bright lights of the Waffle House making everything cheery and bright inside. The coffee was excellent and I left a three dollar tip.

I decided to stop at one of my favorite thrift stores on the way home and I bought a little, lightweight stroller for Jessie and Vergil's baby bean. If they want a real and newer and more bona fide stroller I will gladly keep this one here for when they bring that child over. I spent a good long time looking at stuff and ended up buying old spools of ribbon and this lamp which reminds me a whole lot of the lamp I had as a child.

I showed it to Mr. Moon when he got home tonight and said, "I bet your sisters had one almost like it."
He said, "No, but my mama did."
I am quite pleased with it. It replaces one that tipped over all the damn time and it is pretty perfect.

I sent Lily this picture since she's now obsessed with cross-stitching.

She texted back, "Omg. That is hilarious."
I did not buy it. And for once, I doubt I'll be kicking myself.

Then I drove home through the gray misty day and my neighbor called and asked if I'd like some leftover lemon chicken they weren't going to eat and I said, "Sure," and we met at the gate and he gave it to me and I said, "Who says there's no food delivery in Lloyd?"
So we'll be eating that tonight and have tuna lasagna tomorrow and it's still drizzling and I'm cooking some lentils and brown rice to go with the lemon chicken and I'll heat up the greens we had the other night and it all seems pretty perfect to me. 

I took a long nap this afternoon, curled up with Maurice after I read a bit more and Lily's invited me to Owen's Fairy-Tale Ball at school on Friday and I can't wait. He showed us how they've taught them to hold the arm of their partner and I have no idea what this is about but I think it's going to be fun. 
I'll probably cry. As I do.

So yeah, I'll be sleeping pretty peacefully tonight, I think. The sun will come out again at some point but until it does, I'm happy to have the sound of the rain falling so gently. 

It all feels like a fairy-tale ball to me sometimes. Magical. The gifts I've been given by the benevolent spirits, the giant trees, the true loves, the animal gods. (Thank you, Rebecca.)
Let us dress up in fancy dress, corduroy and cashmere, crook our arms into each other's, and wander through the forest together, dancing when we hear the music, holding tight when go through the dark and spooky places, reassuring each other that soon we shall see the light again, perhaps sparkling diamonds on a swift-flowing river. 

I'm going to go make muffins. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. So lovely. Such as soothing and gentle post. All seems well with you tonight. I shall sleep well too. X

  2. I love that little milk glass lamp. I know we had some of those when I was little --

  3. Sorry about that bacon. I like mine real crispy and that doesn't look too crispy. But those hash browns... Yum. I am glad the doc and nurse were nice. I too like that lamp and the stroller sounds cute. Sleep well.

  4. "it won't kill you" - very, very good words to hear from a doctor

    Got my corduroy on - wiff wiff wiff - hear it? :)

  5. That all sounds very fine. Especially the muffins and not be killed by skin cancer.

  6. My mom and my grandmother both had one of those milk-glass lamps. How popular WERE those things, anyway??

    I'm glad you're not going to die. I'm also glad you went to Waffle House to celebrate that fact. I have some spots of my own that I need to get checked out one of these days.

  7. Nice post, and it sounds like a good day! Up here in SC the constant cold rain and gray days lately have been depressing....maybe I need a trip to the waffle house and an afternoon to putter around thrift stores....hmmmmm....

  8. I'm misty with the pure sweetness of this post. It makes me wonder if I'd take my neighbour's leftover chicken though?
    That lamp? Amazeballs!! I love it!
    I think I have a cat hair in my eye.

  9. So very glad "It's not going to kill you". Gail

  10. Camille- I hope you slept as well as I did!

    Elizabeth- I think everyone did.

    Joanne- Bacon's texture doesn't bother me. This tasted yuck. I am so grateful that doctor was nice to me. And the nurse. Who was, as I said, so pretty.

    jenny_o- Yes, I do hear it!

    Denise- The muffins were stellar. Sweet potato, apple, raisin, oat bran. And not being killed by skin cancer is pretty stellar as well.

    Steve Reed- VERY popular.
    Ah- growing up in Florida. We all have barnacles.

    Jennifer- Sounds perfect! Do it!

    heartinhand- This chicken was amazing. I have amazing neighbors. I'm very lucky that way. And in so many others. Isn't that lamp nice? $19. The bulb even worked.

    Gail- Me too! Thanks!

  11. basal cell carcinoma. yep. had several, one just last year on my nose!

  12. Amen! Sounds like a glorious day.

  13. Lovely day and I love your lamp...My granny had something similar.

  14. Glad that you don't have anything serious. Basal cell is a good one to have. And glad that you are enjoying peace on a gray rainy day. It poured here and there was thunder and lightening. Our road is a mess, not in any kind of shape for driving anything other than a truck. Hope that you are cooking up something good. I share your recipes with C. We have become soup fanatics because of you.

  15. Ellen Abbott- This is what happens when you spend half your life outside. Oh well.

    Jill- Especially the nap part.

    e- I think everyone had one of those lamps at one point.

    Syd- Yeah, if you have to have a carcinoma- that's the one to get. We got that storm last night. It was big! Impressive!
    I'm so glad y'all have "discovered" soup. It's a very good meal, isn't it?

  16. What an eventful day you had there, Missy Moon. And no one who's blonde and lives in Florida and escapes basal cell carcinoma, not growing up when we did, with nary a thought to "sun protection." I even had a squamos cell one removed, too, and so far so good. (But my doctor was a total asshole creep so now i have to find a new one so I should probably go to yours.)
    So, anyway, congrats on the good day a day late! :)


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